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Tantra is the way to energize the soul.It is the cosmic energy of Shiva and Shakti that penetrate in our soul to make our lives better. The word Tantra is derived from the root ‘tan’ which means ‘to spread ‘ and the word ‘tra’ from the root ‘to save’. Thus it means ‘the knowledge is spread which saves’. When an action or a thing,once complete becomes beneficial in several matters to one person,or to many people,that is known as tantra. It is a bliss for humanity to spread peace and happiness.

Tantra takes hold in South Asia during a period of political turbulence with the breakdown of the Gupta and Vakataka dynasties. They commissioned magnificent temples enshrining Tantric deities , particularly from AD 900.

Tantric Buddhism,also known as Vajrayana ( path of the thunderbolt ) flourishes in monasteries in Eastern India before travelling across Asia via pilgrimage. Tantric masters  transmit teaching from India to Tibet from AD 700, between 1000 AD and 1300 AD several Vajrayana schools of thought developed there.

The allure of Tantra became popular at the royal courts between 1500 AD and 1800 AD. These include the Hindu Rajput ruler of the north -west , the Muslim rulers of independent Sultanates to the south. Until 1911 ,the British capital in Calcutta in Bengal ( now Kolkata ) ,a centre of devotion to the Tantrik Goddess, Kali.

As a worldwise philosophy and set of practices , Tantra is very alive and there are many Tantric sites that are actively worshipped.

People have some negative opinion regarding Tantra , but it is partly true. The way of use is entirely depend on us. It is us, who can use it both for positive and negative entity.

According to Tantrik Sree SSibnath,a Dumdum based astrologer, it is a practice of the profound energy of Shiva and Shakti to bring positivity in one’s life. He had gone through several austerity to complete his tantra sadhana in Kamakhya and now has engaged himself in the service of mankind through the power of Tantra.

The realms of tantra that can make our lives better are discussed below –

1 . Love -life – Our world has been changing rapidly so our relationship. Love problem is one of the most common problem in present situation. So applying the power of Tantra we can illuminate the charm of love back in our lives. Also through Vashikaran can fell one in love with us

2 . Marriage -life – This is the age of relationship problems. Our work-life, lifestyles all are going through an age of transition, as our relationships. Married life problems are becoming gigantic. Here Tantra can act as a catalyst to bring love , bonding back in between husband and wife and in-laws.

3 . Education – This is an era of tough competition everywhere . If you are behind at only one step, the world will consider you outdated. So parents are very much concerned about their child’s education. Here Tantra shows the magic. Some rules, som koe stones can make our child more attentive, boost the memory and help in building a better life.

4 . Workfield- In this present world , especially being in the most populous continent, it is very hard to find a job suitable for us. Also there is a tough competition to survive in every scale of life.

5 . Vastu - vastu is a very popular subject of astrology. Originating in ancient India , Vastu -shastra is a science of traditional Hindu system of architecture based on ancient tVudu dolexts that describe principles of design, layout, measurement. Our residence must be arranged according to Vastu -Shastra to make our lives peaceful, prosperous and developed.

So the problems of all solution is Kolkata based Tantrik Sree Sibnath. By applying various methods like Vashikaran, Black magic, Vudu doll, palmistry he must try to make our lives safe and secure and happy.

So do an appointment today to live better and happier. Tantrik Sree Sibnath also has chambers at various places surrounding Kolkata with an expertise team. They are available at 24*7 service at any problems till your desired goal has been fulfilled.

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