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Lives can be better going through the path of astrology and tantrik consultation. Tantrik Krishan Sharma of Kamakhya Temple is the foremost in this field. He is an astrologer, palmistry expert also a vashikaran specialist.

Astrology and Tantrism exist with cooperation. They are inseparable, one cannot be completed without another. If astrology would found the cause tantra would give the solution.So to find solution of all life associated problems, here is one of the best Tantrik in Kmakhya - Tantrik Krishnan Sharma.

Tantrik Sharma has acquired his knowledge from the core place of Tantrism- the Kamakhya Temple. With his enormous knowledge, he can solve our problems regarding – love life, health, job, education and so on.

    The Kamakhya Temple

It is the main base of tantrik activities. Located in the north -east India , it serves as the headquarter of tantrik practices. The deity of Kamakhya is a form of Goddess Durga, the nucleus of cosmic energy. Tantrik Sharma has been blessed by getting some gifts of those cosmic energy.

     Tantrik Krishnan Sharma
He is a Kamakhya based renowned tantrik practitoner. He has done a 18 years of austerity to gain the knowledge of tantra. He has a cluster of national and International clients. He has assured a 100% solution. His efficient team gives 24*7 on call service to the current clients until the problems have been uprooted. His work and efficiency has been honoured by a number of prestigious awards.

Best Services..

  •  Relationship problems.
  • Love problem.
  • Regaining true love.
  • Educational prosperity.
  • Job hurdles removal.
  • Delay marriage.
  • Divorce problem.
  • Health issues.
  • Vastu Dosha removal.
  • Vashikaran.

1) Relationship problems- In our modern hectic schedule we have very less time to keep our relationship stronger. Sharmaji is here to keep our relationship deep and intense.

2 ) Love problems- In fast forward modern lives , love comes and goes back fast. Sharmaji helps to keep our love life alive.

3) True love back Expert- Tantrik Krishnan Sharma is a love problem solution expert. He has a success rate of 100% in this regard.

4) Educational prosperity – This is an era of tough competition and everyone wants to be number 1. By their tantrik procedures, tantriks make our mind calm and refreshed to achieve success in our educational field.

5) Job hurdles removal – Work life is full of competition and office lobbies. To make work life easier and prosperous one has to come surely for tantrik advice.

6) Delay marriage – Sometime our most expected marriage can be delayed due to various hindrance. The astrological remedies here can do the wonder.

7) Divorce problem – If there comes a situation of separation, always seek help from an astrologer.

8) Health issues – If you are worried about health problems of your and your family, an astrologer consultation would be sometime beneficial.

9) Vastu Dosha removal – To live peaceful all need a place with right vastu plan. So vastu shastra is a great deal of concern and here only an expert can suggest the best.

10 ) Vashikaran – It is the most powerful and ultimate weapon to control one’s mind. Various problems of life can be solved by this method.


                So a call can change the inlay of one’s life by the means of tantra . Krishnan Sharmaji is a one stop solution in this regard.


  • 24*7 on call service.
  • Money return policy.
  • 100% assured result.
  • Online consultation.

Tantrik Krishnan Sharma…
+91 7690092960.


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