Malay Pathak Vastu Shastra Consultant in Kolkata

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu System of architecture which helps people to get benefited by the nature . By following Vastu Shastra any one can achieve allhe want in their life easely . though this is a traditional system so one need to expert advise to follow the Vastu Shastra properly.  Now it is so easy to get professional advice  for Vastu in your home town Kolkata.
Dr. Malay Pathak , Consultant MahaVastu sashtri  is now in Kolkata at your service , for better result you need to better advice . Dr. Malay Pathak is a professional Vastu Vid adviced you in a right way of success

Some vastu Tips for Home

To shoo away negative energy place a lemon in a glass.

Do not  place a mirror in your bedroom.

  • Place holy gngajal in unused corner of house , it helps  the inflow of positive energy.
  • Do not construct kitchen, toilets and prayer room (puja-room) next to one another.
  • The north-east corner is the face house and should always be kept clean.
  • Students should study facing the north or east.
  • Do not sit or sleep under a beam.
  • The toilet seat should preferably be along the North-South axis. The septic tank can be in the NW or the SE corner of the House.
  • Construct the front door in such a manner as to avoid the fall of a shadow on it.
  • Do not have any cactus in the house. Having it outside the boundry is good.
  • Bhumi-pujan ceremony should be performed before commencing the construction of a new house and Griha-pravesh ceremony before shifting into it.
  • Any exposed floor marble or tile broken in your house could be the cause of a broken relationship among family members. Put a carpet to cover the broken marble/tile or replace it for immediate results.
  • Rooms like drawing room in North/East direction.
  • To balance the harmonious soul and to avoid tension and illness in the house, do not keep rubber plants, bonsai, cactus or milk producing plants in the house.
  • Remove medicines from kitchen and shift it to living room, preferably at Pooja place.