Matri Nibash, a beautiful picnic spot around kolkata is just 50 Kms away from kolkata built on an area of 7 bigha of land rich with mango plantation. Here you'll find tents to camp in and picnicking here is adifferent experience altogether.

There is a Cottage with two rooms as well. If you see the cottage from a distance, they look like small bungalows of any hill station. This cottage has all kind of facilities, but you are not allowed to stay here at night.

Special attraction here is the launch which has been made like house boats. Picnics are allowed on board. It is let out to only one group, preferably small. Other attractions of Matrinibash are rabbits, swan, guinea pig, turkey etc. One see peacocks if reach during morning. There are playing facilities for children as well.

By Road, you can come via BT Road/Donlop/Dakshineswar and then take Delhi Road. You have to go straight and hit the road with a 633 milepost after crossing Amar PC Factory on left side of the road.After that there is a walking distance of 67 feet approximately from the main road on right. For those who will board a train. Take the Bandel local from Howrah Station and get down at the Bandel station. Take a rickshaw or auto rickshaw from here, the distance is only 3Kms. Devanandapur, nearby is the birth place of litterateur Sarat Chandra Chatterjee. There is a library in his name as well which you can visit.


Tent charges Rs. 1000/-


Cottage / house boat charge Rs. 1500/- each   

For those corporate

3 bigha picnic spot each boundaries with separate entries with including one cottage/house boat, tent , toilet and playing area etc.

Spot No.1

Area 2.5 bigha
Rs. 4500
1: guest room with wash room
2: Tents with open space , chairs and table available for 20 heads..

Spot 2:
Area 3 bigha
Rs. 4500

Including house boat and tent
Chairs and table available for 20 heads..

You can also rent utensils for

Catering services are also available.

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Contact person: Mr. Gour Chandra Sur
Phone: 033 2694 0509
Mobile: 98301 27925

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