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Geography :

Bankura is one of District of western part of the State of West Bengal under Bardhaman Division of the State and included in
the area known as "Rarh" in Bengal. Bankura is bounded by latitude 22038’ N and longitude 86036’ E to 87047’
E. Darakaswar, Gandheaswari and Kansabati are the major rivers flow through the district. River  Demodar flows along the northern  
boundary of the district. The adjacent districts are Bardhaman in the north, Purulia in the west and Paschim Medinapure in the south.
Jaipur forest is the only forest in the plains of Southern Bengal.

District Profile:

Bankura is the district headquarters. There are 21 Police Stations, 22 Development Blocks,
Municipalities, 190GramPanchayatsand5187Villagesinthisdistrict.   

The district comprises three subdivisions:
1.BankuraSadar 2.Khatraand  3.Bishnupur.  
Bankura Sadar subdivision consists of *Bankura municipality and eight community Development Blocks: 
*Bankura I, *Bankura II, *Barjora, *Chhatna, *Gangajalghati, *Mejia, *Onda and*Shaltora
Khatra subdivision consists of
eight community development blocs:
*Indpur, *Khatra, *Hirbandh, *Raipur,*Sarenga, *Ranibandh, *Simlapal and *Taldangra. 

Bishnupur subdivision consists of *Bishnupur and *Sonamukhi municipalities and six community development Blocks:
*Indas, *Joypur, *Patrasayar, *Kotulpur, *Sonamukhi and *Bishnupur.  


Assembly Constituencies :

The district are 13 assembly constituencies: 
Taldangra (assembly constituency no. 244), Raipur (ST) (assembly constituency no. 245),   
Ranibandh (ST) (assembly constituency no. 246), Indpur (SC) (assembly constituency no. 247),  
Chhatna (assembly constituency no. 248), Gangajalghati (SC) (assembly constituency no. 249), 
Barjora (assembly constituency no. 250), Bankura (assembly constituency no.251),
Onda (assembly constituency no. 252), Vishnupur (assembly constituency no. 253),Kotulpur (assembly constituency no. 254),
Indas (SC) (assembly constituency no. 255)
And Sonamukhi (SC) (assembly constituency no. 256) .

Lok Sabha Constituencies :

Vishnupur (Lok Sabha constituency), which is reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC).
Bankura (Lok Sabha constituency), which also contains four assembly segments from Purulia district.
Gangajalghati, Barjora and Sonamukhi constituencies are part of Durgapur (Lok Sabha constituency),
which also contains four assembly segments from Bardhaman district.
 are part of Durgapur (Lok Sabha constituency), which also contains four assembly segments from Bardhaman district.

Places Of Interest :

Bishnupur (or Vishnupur) is a subdivisional town of Bankura district. It was the capital of the Mallabhum kingdom,
once the most important Hindu dynasty in Bengal.This town famous for the Terracotta Temples made by the local red soils.
This city oftern called as the 'Temple City' of Bengal. Susunia hills and Beharinath hills are located in the district.
dam and Sutan are notable tourist spots.Gouripur leprosy hospital is Asia's largest leprosy hospital.
Mejia power plant
is the only thermal power plant of this district.Jaipur forest is the only forest in the plains of Southern
Bengal.Bankura Medical College is the oldest medical college in this area.


Railway Timings :

Up Train :

315/315A Howrah- Chakrodharpur/Bokaro steel city Pgr 04-08          
483 Bankura-Hatia fast Pgr 06-50 
465 Khargpur-Hatia Pgr 11-07                                          
479 Midnapur-Adra MEMU Pgr 14-07                                           
3501 Haldia-Asansol Exp (Except Sun) 18-12                             
469 Kharagpur-Adra Pgr19-43                                                    
473 Bishnupur-Adra MEMU Pgr 21-17  
8449 Puri-Patna Baidynathdham Exp (Mon only) 23-30                 2152 Howrah-L’Tilak Ter Samarsata Exp (Sun only)  00-47

455 Bankura-Adra-(asansol) MEMU Pgr 05-05
433 Kharagpur-Asansol Pgr 08-202883
Howrah-Purulia RupashiBangla Exp 10-10 
6309 Ernakulam-Patna Exp (Wed & Thur) 10-50
2885 Shalimar-Adra Aranyak Exp (Except sun) 11-50
313 Kharagpur-Gomoh Pgr 17-08
2815 Puri-New Delhi S/F Exp (Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat) 19-35
2827 Howrah-Purulia Exp 20-35
463 Howrah-Adra Rani Shiromani Pgr 22-22
5639 Puri-Guwahati Exp (Saturday only) 23-30 


Down Train :

2816 New Delhi-Puri S/F Exp (Sun,Tue,Thur,Fri)  03-17            
464 Adra-Howrah Rani Shiromani Pgr 05-25                            
3502 Asansol-Haldia Exp(Except Sun) 07-35                          
480 Adra- Midnapur MEMU pgr 09-14  
314 Gomoh- Kharagpur Pgr 10-55                                        
466 Hatia- Khargpur Pgr 14-57                                            
2884 Purulia-Howrah RupashiBangla Exp 17-10                       
5640 Guwahati-Puri Exp(Friday only) 17-26                          
434 Asansol-Kharagpur Pgr 19-50                                       
6310 Patna-Ernakulam Exp (Thur & Fri) 22-42  

2151L Tilak Ter-Howrah Samarsata Exp (Fri only) 04-10
2828 Purulia-Howrah Exp 07-07
470 Adra- Kharagpur pgr 08-05
2RNB Bankura- Sonamukhi pgr(Except sun) 09-45
2886 Adra- Shalimar Aranyak Exp (Except sun)14-54
4RNB Bankura- Sonamukhi pgr(Except sun)15-15
8450 Patna-Puri Baidynathdham Exp (Wed only)17-26
474 Adra-Bishnupur MEMU Pgr 17-55
6RNB Bankura- Sonamukhi Pgr(Except Sat) 20-05
316/316A Chakrodharpur/Bokaro steel city- Howrah Pgr


RoadWays :

Bankura District is well communicated through several roads connected with Durgapur, Purulia, Midnapur, Khargapur, Kolkata etc.
out of which National Highway 60 runs through the district. The oldest road of Bankura town is named as "Ahalyabai Road" which
connects Barabajar with Raniganj More. Some of the important roads are given below.
1. Bankura - Tarakeswar via Bishnupur Joypur Kotulpur Joyrambati Arambag  2. Bankura - Burdwan
via Beliatore Barjora
3. Bankura - Jhilimili via Indpur, Hatirampur, Supur, Khatra, Ranibandh.
4. Bankura - Purulia via Chatna Kamalpur 5. Bankura - Raniganj via Amarkanan Gangajalghati Mejia.
6. Bankura - Sarenga via Ratanpur Taldangra Simlapal PMore & Raipur.
7. Bankura - Patrasayer via Beliatore Sonamukhi Indus 8. Bankura - Tiluri via Chatna Kejakura.
9. Bankura - Saltora via Chatna Susunia.

Important Telephone Numbers :

District Magistrate :

District Magistrate
(Off) 03242-250304 (Res)03242-250303 (Off) 03242-254807 (Res) 03242-251076 

Subdivisional Ofiice :

1 Bankura P.O & Dist: Bankura. Pin-722101
(Off) 03242-250260 (Res) 03242-250291 03242-250260
2 Khatra P.O.: Khatra  Dist.Bankura.
(Off) 03243-255262 (R)03243-255263 (O)03243-255262 (R)03243-255263
3 Bishnupur P.O: Bishnupur Dist: Bankura
(O) 03244-252055 ,(R) 03244-252020 ,03244-252055 ,03244-252020

Blocks :

Bankura Sub-Division
1. Bankura-I P.O.-Poabagan,Bankura 03242-259362 2.Bankura-II P.O.- Bikna, Bankura 03242-2546273
3.Onda P.O. Onda, Bankura 03242-266236 4. Barjora P.O. Barjora 03241  257227 
Chhatna P.O.- Chhatna,Bankura 03242-277339 6. Saltora P.O.- Saltora, Bankura 03242-27324  
Gangajal Ghati P.O.- Amarkanan,Bankura 03241-265228 8. Mejhia P.O.- Mejhia, Bankura 03241-250221  
Bishnupur P.O.- Bishnupur, Bankura. 03244-252057

Bishnupur Sub-Division

10. Joypur P.O.-Joypur, Bankura 03244-249222 11. Kotulpur P.O.- Kotulpur, Bankura 03244-240234
12. Indus P.O.- Indus, Bankura. 03244-263231 13. Patrasayer P.O.- Patrasayer, Bankura. 03244-266232
14. Sonamukhi P.O.- Sonamukhi, Bankura 03244-275240 15. Indpur P.O.- Indpur, Bankura 03243-260222

Khatra Sub-Division

16. Khatra P.O.-Khatra, Bankura 03243-255239 17. Hirbundh P.O.- Hirbundh, Bankura 03243-252332
Raipur P.O.- Raipur, Bankura. 03243-267224 19. Sarenga P.O.- Sarenga, Bankura. 03243-269243
Ranibundh P.O. Ranibundh, Bankura. 03243-250236 21. Taldangra P.O. Taldangra, Bankura 03243-265347
Simlapal P.O.- Simlapal, Bankura. 03243-262222


Police Station :

1 Bankura   03242-250675   2 Onda   03242-266223   3 Barjora   03241-257221   4 Chhatna   03242-277222  
Saltora   03241-273229   6 Gangajal Ghati   03241-271221  
7 Mejhia   03241-250237   8 Bishnupur   03244-252042   9 Joypur   03244-256221  
10 Kotulpur   03244-240221   11 Indus   03244-273236   12 Patrasayer   03244-276226 
Sonamukhi   03244-275229 14 Indpur   03242-260229   15 Khatra   03243-255227  
Raipur   03243-267228   17 Sarenga   03243-269236   18 Ranibandh   03243-250230  
19 Taldangra   03243-265201   20 Simlapal   03243-262359  

List Of Voluntary Organizations (N.G.O):

1) Jyoti Pratibandhi Punarbasan Kendra Bankura, 2) Kenduadihi Bikash Society Gobindanagar,Bankura 03242-241805   
3) Vivekananda Adibasi Kalyan Samity Chamtagora,Kamalpur, Chhatna Block 03242-274202   
Kamalpur Society for Movement & Action for Rural Development Kamalpur, Bankura 03242-274286  
5) Charbedia Rural Economic & Area Development Society Charbedia, Layekpur, Simlapal 03243-262362 
6) Chak Durgadas Rishi Arabinda Rural Welfare Organisation Dundar Raipur, Bankura    
7) Shamayita Math Ranbahal, Amarkanan, Bankura 03241-265202 ,03241-265201   
8) Bankura Institute Pratapbaga, Bankura 30242-253965   
Siberbandh Adibasi Mahila Unnayan Samity. Siberbandh Kchdihi, Sonamukhi    
10) Padmaja Naidy Arogyabas Nabajibanpur, Bankura 11) Ramkrishna Mission Joyrambati, Bankura
12) Prabuddha Bharati Sishu Tirtha (Short Stay Home) Bishnupur
13) Association for Social & Health Advancement Hareswarmela Bankura 03242-257305
Ashar Ao Barjora, Bankura 15) Hijaldihi Vivekananda Seva Samity Hijaldihi, Joypur Bankura 03244-247315
Simdal Vivekananda Seva Samity Kotulpur, Bankura
17) Mallabhum Mahila Kalyan Samity Cinema Road, Bankura    
18) Gandhi Vichar Parishad Schooldanga, Bankura 19) Bhadul Community Welfare Organisation Bhadul, Bankura
20) Sister Nivedita Kalyan Samity Bisinda, Gangajalghati, Bankura 03241-220062
21) Socio Economic Development Programme Ranibandh, Bankura 03243-250287   
Barabari Netaji Seva Sangha Hirbandh, Bankura 23) SWAD (Society for Advance Development) Khatra, Bankura
24) Mallabhum Social & Family Welfare Association Bishnupur (Near Music Colleage), Bankura   
25) Paschim Banga Kustha Kalyan Parishad Gouripur, Bankura
26) Bankura Zilla Saririk Pratibandhi Kalyan Samiaty Chhandar, Beliatore,Bankura 03241-259242    
Sri Ramkrishna Vivekananda Society  Sarenga,Bankura     
Gramin Pratibandhi Unnayan Samity Malliyanganj, Hirbandh, Bankura   
29) Paschim Banga Rajya Pratibandhi Sammilani, C/O Bankura Institute Schooldanga, Bankura       
Sara Bankura Pratibandhi Welfare Organisation Bhairabpur, Amarkanan, Bankura  
31)Society for up-liftment of Rural Youth & Artisals.Mathpara,Schooldanga,Bankura 03242-254309 
32)'Sumangalam' Kharikauli Home P.O. Morrar (Bishnupur), Bankura   33) Bankura State Welfare Home P.O.& Dist.- Bankura
Byom Sankar Sonamukhi Welfare Home P.O. Sonamukhi, Dist.- Bankura  
35) Bankura Blind Sammilani School Lokepur, Bankura  36) Dr. Sailendranath Mukherjee, Muk-O-Badhir Memorial School Kotulpur,       Bankura  37) Joyrambati Destitute Home Joyrambati, Bankura  38) Sister Nivedita Kalyan Samity Saltora, Bankura   
Society for Women Advanced Development  Khatra, Bankura
40) Barabari Netaji Seva Sangha Hatirampur,Hirbandh,Bankura 
Liberal Association for Movement of People (LAMP) Subhankar Sarani, Bankura    
Sanghati Mission  Patpur, Bankura 
43) Association for Social & Health Advancement Jogipara,Bankura 
44) Mallabhum Social & Family Welfare Association Bishnupur, Bankura  
45)Gramin Pratibandhi Unnayan Samity  Hirbandh, Bankura
46) Indian Red Cross SocietyBankura   
Khayerboni Gram Unnayan Samity Khayerboni, P.O. Kanchanpur, Dist- Bankura
48) Centre for Women Development Studies Vill & P.O. Jhilimili, Dist-Bankura
49) Chndidas Vidyapiath Chhatna working Women Hostel Chhatna, Bankura    50) Naribikash Sangha Jhilimili, Bankura  
Kamalpur Adibasi Mahila Unnayan Samity Chhatna, Bankura    52) Purulia Nirmal Seva Sangha Chhatna, Bankura 


Members Of Parliament(MP) :


Moonmoon Sen - TMC
Constituency: Bankura (West Bengal)                                                                                                                    Permanent Address:


Soumitra Khan - TMC

Constituency: Bishnupur (SC)(WestBengal) 
Permanent Address:

State Legislature :

Sri Kirity Bagdi ,Indpur 03242-253448 , Sri Ram Charan Bauri ,G.Ghati 03241-265455 WLL-202318
Smt. Susmita Biswas ,Barjora 03241-257535 , Sri Tarapada Chakraborty ,Onda 03242-255108  
Sri Jayanta Chowdhury ,Bishnupur 03244-252146 , Smt. Manasi Ghosh ,Kotulpur 03244-240246 
Sri Subhas Goswami,Chhatna 03242-277249 , Sri Sukhendu Khan,Sonamukhi 03244-275053,03241-257454
 Sri Nanda Dulal Maji ,Indus 03244-263222 ,03244-263541 , Sri Makar Tudu ,Ranibundh 03243-256177 
Sri Kasinath MishraBankura 03242-250604,03242-250602 , Sri Manoranjan Patra Taldangra 03243-264518

Tourist Attractions :

Joyrambati the Birth place of Sree Sree Maa Sarada Devi
Jhilimili is situated70 Km away From Bankura Town of us beauty of anundisturbed dense natural forest.

Susunia hill is quite popular as tracking spot  
is famous for temples with terracotta art and large water area.
Mukutmonipur- Jhilimili circuit has became the most attractive tourist site in Bankura District 
The second biggest earther Dam of India, Mukutmonipur is 55Km away from Bankura
Biharinath Hill is on the north of Saltora Block, tallest in the district (448 metre) stands guard on the north-western edge,
a famous place of tourism.  Northern Zone : Durgapur Barrage, Gandoa Dam & Koropahar.    
South Zone : Mukutmonipur, Jhilimili,
Sutan, and ECO Park at Taldangra, Talberia, Terracota Project at Panchmura etc.
Western Zone : Susunia Hill & BeharinathHill.
Eastern Zone : Temples of Bishnupur, Joyrambati.


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