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Geography :

Darjeeling is northern district of West Bengal state in eastern India and famous for its beautiful Himalayas hill station & and
Darjeeling tea. The Darjeeling Hill area represents a unique geo- environmental perception.Kalimpong, Kurseong and Siliguri,
three other major towns in the district. Neighbors Countries are Nepal, China, Bhutan & Bangladesh.  Siliguri, a bustling town
about 80 kilometers from Darjeeling is the gateway to the Hills. Geographically the district can be divided into two broad divisions, the hills and the plains. Darjeeling the northern district of the Jalpaiguri Division, roughly resembles an inverted wedge with its base resting on Sikkim, its sides touching Nepal, Bhutan and the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal.District H.Q. is Darjeeling, total Area 3,149 Square Km. Location 27 Deg. 13 Min.N to 26 Deg. 27 Min. N Latitude  88 Deg. 53 Min. E to 87 Deg. 59 Min. E Longitude  Altitude(Darjeeling Town) 6710 Feet.Darjeeling hill areas is unique from environmental Eco-perception. The relief varies from 100 Mts. above sea level to the mighty Kanchanjungha 
Length of International & State Borders Nepal Border(Partition River Mechi)  62.75 mile or 101.02 km.Bhutan Border(Partition River De Chu)  18.75 mile or 30.18 km. Bangladesh Border(Partition River Mahananda) 12 mile or 19.32 km.Sikkim Border (Partition Rangit, Teesta, Rangpo, River) 33.75 mile or 54.33 km.Bihar Border 30 mile or 48.30 km.

History :

Darjeeling' came from the Tibetan words, 'dorje' meaning thunderbolt and 'ling' a place or land hence 'the land of the
thunderbolt’ After the formation of The Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council Act, the role of district administration has changed The entire hilly region of the district comes under Darjeeling Gorkha Autonomous Hill Council, an autonomous administrative body under the state Government of West Bengal.


Rivers :

*Tista, *Great *Rangit, *Mechi,*Balason, *Mahananda, *Gish, *Chel,*Ramman, *Murti and *Jaldh

Roads :
With length in km 
Siliguri-Mirik -Ghum Connector---
60 km     Sevak-Tista Bridge –Kalimpong---60 km  Tista Bazar to Darjeeling---25km    Sukna- Pankhabari-Kurseong---25 km     Siliguri Darjeeling NH 55---76 km     National Highway---100 km    
State Highway---
80 km      Major district road ---37 km Ordinary district road---516 km     

Forests In Darjeeling Hill Area :

The principal economy of Darjeeling Hill Area depends on tea production, horticulture, agriculture and forestry. The major
portions of the forests are today found at elevations of 2000 mts and above. The area located in between 1000-2000mts is
cleared either for tea plantation or cultivation. The four major forest types according to altitudinal variation found in
Darjeeling Hill Areas are: Tropical moist deciduous forest (300-1000mts) Tropical evergreen lower montane forest
(1000-2000mts.) Tropical evergreen upper montane forest (2000-3000mts.) Temperate forest (3000-3500mts.) Sub
temperate forest (above 3500mts.) About 30% of the forest covers found in the lower hills are deciduous. Evergreen forest constitutes only about 6% of the total forest coverage.


District Profile :

The council covers the three hill subdivisions of Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong. The foot-hills of Darjeeling Himalayas,
which coming under the Siliguri subdivision, is known as Terai. The Terai is the tract lying at the foot of the hills, which is
bounded on the north by the mountains, on the south by the Purnia district of Bihar state, on the east by Jalpaiguri district
and on the west by Nepal, the Himalayan kingdom. It has a length from north to south of 18 miles (29 km), and a breadth
from east to west of 16 miles (26km). 
                                                                                                                    The district have 4 Subdivisions: Darjeeling is the district headquarters. There are 17 Police stations, 12 Development
Blocks, 3 Municipalities, 1 Municipal Corporation and 134 Gram Panchayats in this district.
Each subdivision contains 1 Municipality each (Siliguri has a municipal corporation instead)

Darjeeling (Sadar)  SubdivisionBlock :
  *Darjeeling  *Pulbazar *Rangli *Rangliot *Jorebunglow *Sukhiapokharii   Police Station  *Darjeeling (Sadar)  *Pulbazar  *Lodhama  *Rangli  *Rangliot  *Jorebunglow  *Sukhiapokharii 
Kurseong Subdivision Block :                                                                                                                         *Kurseong   *Mirik    Police Station *Kurseong *Mirik

Kalimpong SubdivisionBlock :                                                                                                                                              *Kalimpong-I  *Kalimpong-II  *Gorubathan  Police Station  *Kalimpong  *Gorubathan   *Jaldhaka                                        

Siliguri  Subdivision Block :                                                                                                                         *Matigara   *Naxalbari *Khoribari *Phansidewa  

Police Station :                                                                                                                                         *Siliguri   *Matigara     *Bagdogra   *Naxalbari  *Khoribari  *Phansidewa

Nearest Railway Station 
*Darjeeling(Narrow Gauge), *New Jalpaiguri(Broad Gauge) 


Communication :

Bagdogra Airport : 

The closest air port is at Bagdogra (about 88 kilometers from Darjeeling and a three and half hour drive) and is connected by air with all the Metros in the country.                                                                                                             

Rail                                                                                                                                                                    New Jalpaiguri(NJP) is the nearest rail head and is also about 88 kilometers from Darjeeling. NJP is also connected with
all the major cities of the country with most of trains heading for the north-eastern states making a stop at this junction.

Bus services                                                                                                                                                  can be availed from Siliguri to Darjeeling, Mirik and Kalimpong from Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus,Siliguri.

However, it is more convenient to travel in smaller vehicles which are available on seat sharing basis/hire, from near the Bus
terminus, airport and railway station. For regular visit to Darjeeling, vehicles can be arranged from NJP/Siliguri/Bagdogra and
insist on coming up to Darjeeling through the National Highway 55(also called the Tenzing Norgay Road). There are numerous
stalls dotting the highway for refreshment as well as have a break in Kurseong.
The journey through NH-55 will take approximately 3-3.5 hours. For planning a visit to Kalimpong from Darjeeling, regular jeep services on seat sharing basis are available. The bookings can be done from the Kalimpong Motor Syndicate situated at the Darjeeling Motor Stand(Super Market Complex). Taxi can also be hired to Kalimpong and have a stop at Teesta Bazar for white water rafting.


Education :

There are many famous Schools in Darjeeling, among the such Schools of Darjeeling are:
*St.Paul’s School, Darjeeling *E.E.Bendon. *Loretto Convent, Darjeeling *St.Joseph’s College, Darjeeling
*Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong   *Dow Hill, Kurseong *Victoria Boys' School, Kurseong *Army SchoolJalapahar
+91 354 2256313 *RKSP Boys' High School Hooker Road  +91 354 2252714
*Bethany School Gandhi Road  
+91 354 2252744
 *St Joseph's School (North Point) Singmari +913542270251 *Mount Hermon School Singamari
+91 354 2270255/2270221
*St Paul's School Jalapahar +913542252334/2256332
*LoretoConvent18, LebongCartRoad
+913542252059/2255739 *Loreto College Mall +91 354 2254238    
*Darjeeling Government College 18 Lebong Cart Road +91 354 2254019
*St Joseph's College (University Department) Singamari +91 354 2270205                                                                    *Dow Hill School Kurseong +91 354 2332253/2332265   *Victoria Boys' School Kurseong +91 354 2332250/2332288


Accommodation :

Jorepokhari tourist Lodge

Enquiry : Deputy Director of Tourism,Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council,Silver fir, Bhanu Sarani, Darjeeling                                                 +91 354 2254879/2255351    Fax +91 354 2254214
Maple Tourist Lodge

Lowis Jubilee Complex,Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council,Eric Benjamin Road, Darjeeling +91 354 2252813
Dr. S.K. Pal Road,Darjeeling
+91 354 2256395                                                                                            

Jorepokhari Tourist Lodge Darjeeling, Deolo Tourist Lodge Kalimpong, Sukhia Pokhari, Darjeeling                           +91 3552 274101/253341/255320

Chitrey Way Side Inn  
Near River Teesta,Kalimpong, Darjeeling  +91 3552 268261

Dafey Munal Tourist Lodge , LOLAY/KAFFER, Darjeeling

Parijat Tourist Darjeeling    Lodge.Mirik Tourist Lodge  Gorubathan    +91 354 2243371/72

At Singalila Range

*Maneybhanjyang Trekkers'  *HutTonglu Trekkers' Hut   *Gairibas Trekkers' Hut  *Sandakphu Trekkers' Hut *Phalut Trekkers' Hut  *Gorkhey Trekkers' Hut   *Rammam Trekkers' Hut   *Shirikhola Trekkers' Hut  *Rimbick Trekkers' Hut

Darjeeling Tourist Lodge                                                                                                                                                             West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation,Bhanu Sarani, Darjeeling
+91 354 2254411/12/13  Fax : +91 354 2254412  E-mail : dort1@dte.vsnl.net.in

Kurseong Tourist Lodge                                                                                                                                 West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation,Tenzing Norgay Road, Kurseong ,Darjeeling 
+91 354 2344409 / 2345608 Fax : +91 354 2344409
Morgan House Tourist Lodge

West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation,Ringkingpong Road, Kalimpong ,Darjeeling                                              +91 3552 255384 Fax : +91 3552 255384

Lava, Lulegaon, Kaffer and Kalimpong-Shailabas

West Bengal Forest Corporation's Cottage  Website : www.wbfdc.com +91 33 22370060/61 (Kolkata) +91 353 2432599 (Siliguri)+91 3552 255780/83, 255569(Fax) (Kalimpong)


Assembly Constituencies :

The district is divided into 5 assembly constituencies:                                                                                     Kalimpong (assembly constituency no. 22), Darjeeling (assembly constituency no. 23), Kurseong (assembly constituency no. 24), Siliguri (assembly constituency no. 25) and Phansidewa (ST) (assembly constituency no. 26). Along with two assembly constituency from North Dinajpur district, the five assembly
constituencies of this district form the Darjeeling (Lok Sabha constituency


Important Phone Numbers :

District Magistrate OFF 0354-2254233/56201 RES 0354-2256182    FAX 0354-2254338 dmdarj@wb.nic.in, dmdrj@nic.in                                                                                                             Additional District Magistrate(General)   OFF 0354-2254313 RES 0354-2254258  FAX 0354-2254313                             Additional District Magistrate(Lr.) OFF 0354-2254265  RES 0354-2256200 FAX 0354-2254265                                   Additional District Magistrate(Dev.)  OFF 0354-2254284 RES 0354-2259054 FAX 0354-2254284                                   Additional District Magistrate(Siliguri) OFF 0353-2431431 RES 0353-2431431 FAX 0353-2432666                                  Sub Divisional Officer(Sadar) OFF 0354-2254298 RES 0354-2254219
Sub Divisional Officer(Siliguri) OFF 0353-2529021 RES 0353-2529022  FAX 0353-2430444                                            Sub Divisional Officer(Kalimpong) OFF 03552-255264 RES 03552-254265  FAX 03552-255280                                          Sub Divisional Officer(Kurseong) OFF 0354-2330241 RES 0354-2344264  FAX 0354-2344448                                          O/C, Relief   OFF 03552-2254099   D.P.L.O. OFF 0354-2254054    D.P & R.D.O   OFF 03552-2254236                          N.D.C. OFF 0354-2254154  RES 0354-2254305   O/C, General  OFF 03552-2254093                                                    O/C, J.M. OFF 0354-2254093   Dy. DLLRO OFF 03552-2254221                                                                                O/C, Election  OFF 0354-2254221  deo-drj@nic.in   R.T.O. OFF 03552-2254306 Treasury Officer   OFF 0354-2254207 DPO, ICDS & DSWO  OFF 0354-2254191 D.G.H.C Administrator  OFF 0354-2254918
OFF 0354-2254434 RES 0354-2254888 FAX 0354-2254711 Dy. Director of Tourism  OFF 0354-2255351  


Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad :

Sabhadipati  OFF  0353-2432697 A.E.O.  OFF 0353-2433175 FAX 0353-2433977    P.O. DRDC OFF 0353-2530495

Block Develoment Offices :

Block Development Officer(Gorubathan) 03522-222008                                                                                                                         Block Development Officer(Kalimpong-II) 03552-280222                               
Block Development Officer(Kalimpong-I)
03552-255267 bdokpg1@yahoo.com                                                                 
Block Development Officer(Rangli Ragliot)
03552-262236 bdo_takdah@yahoo.com                                                                        
Block Development Officer(Pulbazar) 0354-2260241 sonnamm@yahoo.com 
Block Development Officer(Jorebunglow Sukhia)
0354-2264271                                                                                 Block Development Officer(Mirik) 0354-2443242 bdo_mirik@rediffmail.com                                                                 Block Development Officer(Kureseong) 0354-2330266
Block Development Officer(Matigara) 0353-2581790  
Block Development Officer(Khoribari)
0354-2330266 bdo_khb@sancharnet.in  
Block Development Officer(Phansidewa) 0353-2581790
Block Development Officer(Naxalbari) 0354-2330266 exeossnxl@dataone.in            



S.S. Ahluwalia Bharatiya Janata Party 
Constituency: Darjeeling (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address:




Police :

Superintendent Of Police OFF 0354-2254270 RES 0354-2254277                                                                            Additional Superintendent Of Police(HQ.) OFF 0354-2254263 RES 0354-2252097  
Additional Superintendent Of Police(Siliguri) OFF 0353-2433900 RES 0353-2433900                                                      Additional Superintendent Of Police(Kalimpong) OFF 03552-255366 RES 03552-255359                                               Sub Divisional Police Officer(Kurseong) OFF 0354-2344794 RES 0354-2330254                                                            Dy Superintendent Of Police(HQ.) OFF 0354-2254096    Dy Superintendent Of Police(Town) OFF 0354-2252520                            Dy SuperintendentOf Police(D.I.B)   OFF 0354-2254203                                                                                                                       Dy Superintendent Of Police(Siliguri) OFF0353-2436644                             
Dy Superintendent Of Police(Traffic,Siliguri)
OFF 0354-2254203   


Police Stations :

*Sdar Thana 0354-2254422 *Jorebungiow 0354-2274343 *Rangli Rangliot 0354-2262226 *Pulbazar 0354-2260226 *Sukhiapokhri 0354-2464270 *Kalimpong 03552-255268  *Kurseong 0354-2344222  *Mirik 0354-2443226                        *Gorubathan 03562-264138  *Siliguri 0353-2420101  *Naxalbari 0353-2450251  *Bagdgra(IC) 0353-2450251                *Phansidewa 0353-2450241  *Khoribari 0353-277361  *Bidhannagar 0353-274227  *Matigara 0353-2521501


Executive Engineer(Civil) OFF.0354-2254201 RES. 0354-2254202                                                                                            Assitant Engineer(Civil) OFF 0354-2254240 RES. 0354-2254240                                                                                Executive Engineer(Elec.) OFF 0353-2424002                                                                                                                             Assistant Engineer(Elec.) OFF 0354-2254197 RES. 0354-2254116                                                                                                  Assistant Engineer(Roads) OFF. 0354-2252850

W.B.S.E.B :
Div. Engineer(Generation) OFF0354-2253035 RES.0354-2254900 Div. Engineer(Civil) OFF03542252955                                
Div. Engineer(Darjeeling) OFF0354-2252543 Assistant Engineer(D.e. Supply) OFF. 0354-2254634 RES. 0354-2254792
Assistant Engineer(Gen. Distribution) OFF. 0354-2252473         


Tele Communication (BSNL) :

SDO Phones OFF.0354-2254332 RES. 0354-2254664   JTO(Outdoor) OFF.0354-22552222 RES. 0354-2254222  
Trunk Demand OFF.0354-2253625/26    Switch Room OFF.0354-2254001/002                            

Post Office :

Superintendent OFF.0354-2252141 RES.0354-2252118   Supdt.'s Office OFF.0354-22552849  
Post Master(H.P.O) OFF. 0354-2252076    

Government Accomodation:

Darjeeling Circuit House 0354-2254827   New Circuit House(Darjeeling) 0354-2256312 Richmond Hill  0354-2254066   
Railway Holiday Home  0354-2252801  Siliguri Circuit House  0353-2513005 Kalimpong Circuit House  03552-255269     
Youth Hostel  0354-2256794


Army :

Jalpahar 0354-2256313    Lebong 0354-2276814/2276822

Hospital and Nursing Home :

Eden Hospital  +91 354 2252131   Planter's  +91 9332490262 Mariam Nursing Home  +91 354 2254637     
Yuma Nursing Home  +91 354 2257651

Club :

Darjeeling Gymkhana Club  0354-2254341/2254342  The Planters Club  0354-2254348

Railways :

Darjeeling Railway Station +91 354 2252774/2252555   Ghoom  +91 354 2274843 
Bijanbari Out Agency 
+91 354 2260298/2260267 Railway Booking Out Agency, Kalimpong  +91 3552 259954/255643     Railway Booking Office, Kurseong  +91 354 2344700 Railway Booking Out Agency, Mirik  +91 354 2443344/2443209         Enquiry NJP(PNR Checking), Siliguri  138  Railway Inquiry NJP, Siliguri  131/+91 353 2691800/808


Indian Airlines :

Air Port Enquiry, Bagdogra  +91 353 2551192       Air Port Manager, Bagdogra  +91 353 2551666                                               Engineering Complex, Bagdogra  +91 353 2551311   Indian Airlines, Darjeeling  +91 354 2252355


National Informatics Center :

Darjeeling   0354-2256020 wbdjl@nic.in   Siliguri   0353-2529426 wbslg@nic.in

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