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Geography & History:

The District of Uttar Dinajpur came into existance on 1st April, 1992 after the bifurcation of erstwhile West Dinajpur District.
The District lies between latitude 25o11' N to 26o49' N and longitude 87o49' E to 90o00' E occupying an area of 3142 Sq. Km
enclosed by Bangladesh on the East, Bihar on the West, Darjeeling & Jalpaiguri District on the North and Malda District on the
South. Uttar Dinajpur is well connected with the rest of the State through National Highways, State Highways and Railways.
NH-31 and NH-34 passes through the heart of the district. The regional topography is generally flat with a gentle southerly
slope towards which the main rivers like Kulik, Nagar, and Mahananda etc flow. The Climate of this district is characterised by
Hot-Summer with High Humidity, abundant Rainfall and Cold Winter. The summer begins from April.
The soil is very rich in nature due to the alluvial deposition which helps to grow Paddy,Jute,Mesta and Sugarcane etc.Raiganj
on the bank of the River Kulik is the District Headquarter where "Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary", the second largest bird
sanctuary in Asia situated.

District Profile:

In Uttar Dinajpur District there are 2 Sub-Divisions Raiganj & Islampur, 110Km apart from each other. District having border
length of 227 km (approx) in the east with Bangladesh. There are 4 Municipalities, 9 Blocks and 98 Panchayats covering 1516 villages. The total population is nearly 25 Lakh comprising mainly of rural masses. Bengali is the main language but a sizeable portion of Urdu and Hindi speaking people live in Islampur Sub-Division.
District HQ: Raiganj, 4 Municipalities: Raiganj, Kaliyaganj, Dalkhola & Islampur


Existing Industries:

The district of Uttar Dinajpur has as many as 9 large and medium scale industries and about 1261 registered Small Scale
Units. The break up of existing Small Scale Industries is as follows:

1. Agriculture & Allied Industries 186 nos 2. Food Products 46 nos 3.Hosiery & Garments 08 nos 4. Forest Base 56 nos  
5. Chemical Industries 20 nos 6. Engg. & Fabrication 75 nos7 Haldia Down Stream Units 22 nos 8. Leather Products 22nos
Electrical & Electronics 32 nos 10. Basic Metal Industries 09 nos 11. Paper Product Printing 12 nos                                   
Repairing/Servicing/Job Works 95 nos 13. Textile Base 14 nos 14. Miscellaneous 664 nos=Total: 1261nos



1. West Dinajpur Spinning Mills, Bogram, Raiganj 2. M/s Dalkhola Flour Mill, Dalkhola  3. M/s Northern Spun Pipe Supply Company, Goalpara, Raiganj  4. M/s Northern Animated Animal Feed, Goalpara, Raiganj  5. M/s United Wood Products, Baghan, Raiganj
6. M/s Sukumar Polymers Pvt. Ltd, Barduari, Raiganj 7. M/s Annapurna Foods, Sonapur, Chopra
8. M/s Lila Food Products, Barduari, Raiganj 9. M/s Raiganj Polymers Pvt. Ltd, Barduari, Raiganj 10.M/s Ria Gold Products, Gardhappa, Panjipara 11.M/s. Das Metal Industries, Goalpara, Raiganj 12.M/s. Valley Prefabs, Dalkhola 13.M/s. North Bengal Mini Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd., Maheshpur, Karnajora 14.Karnajora Milk Chilling Plant, Karnajora 15.Samrat Steel Industries
16.M/s. Glass Fiber for Doors & Windows


The area in this district under Forest is 1483.75 Acre. The forest type is mainly Northern tropical Most Mixed Deciduous
Forests. The distribution of forests is very erratic and mostly spread in small pockets. There are some pockets of natural
forests of 282.11 acre and comprises of coppice sal except a small patch in Rajabhum mouza in Chopra block which appears
to be of seed/seedlings origins. Tourism amidst forest in Uttar Dinajpur Raiganj Bird Sanctuary - Situated in the district and
along the National Highway and by the side of the Kulik River is the Raiganj Bird Sanctuary with an area of 35 acre and buffer
area of 286.23 acre. The forest, water bodies and the river attract the migratory birds like Open Bill Strok, Night heron,
cormorant, little cormorant & Egrets from South Asian countries and coastal regions. Local birds like dove, bulbul, sparrow,
king fisher, woodpeckers, owl, duck & cuckoo, can also be seen in large numbers. The migratory birds arrive from end of May
to Ist week of July and depart from mid December to end of January. The nesting time is from July to August & egg laying
from August to September. The flying training to the young ones is the best time to observe the birds, around October to
November. Legal status of the Forest Reserved Forest 573.71 Acre Protected Forest 249.50 Acre
Unclassed Forest 660.54 Acre Total 1483.75 Acre = 610.71 Ha = 6.01 Sq. Km
This district mainly produces Paddy in Kharif and pre-kharif season. The Industrial activities are primarily artisan oriented.
They are mostly small and cottage scale. Following are the major forest based industries in the district:


A: Saw Mill Industries  B: Ply Wood and Veneer making Industries
There are 55 Nos. licensed Saw Mills in the District. A few is under consideration. At present process of giving license to
wood based industries has been stopped as per direction of Government. A survey conducted by this Division indicates that
total annual capacity of the industry is about 80,000 m3. Veneer Mills are using softwood spps. Like Simul, Sissoo, Eucalyptus
etc., mostly obtained from private land. The success of Social Forestry lies in this direction.

Tourist Spots:
Raiganj Bird Sanctuary - Situated in the district and along the National Highway and by the side of the Kulik river is the
Raiganj Bird Sanctuary with an area of 35 acre and buffer area of 286.23 acre. The forest, water bodies and the river attract
the migratory birds like Open Bill Strok, Night heron, cormorant, little cormorant & Egrets from South Asian countries and coastal regions.

Other Tourist Spots in Uttar Dinajpur
" Sap nikla forest under Chopra block is 22 km from Islampur and tourists visit the lake and the forest for site seeing.
Development of an Eco park is underway.
" Eco Tourism at Bijolia More is being developed. Here river Sudhani forms an island by dividing into 2 branches and joining  again.
" Temple of Goddess Bhairabi at Bindole.
" Mosque of Burhana fakirs.
" Temple of Goddess Kali of Baira.
" Kunore-famous for terracotta pottery & Malgaon.
" Museum at Karnajora.
" Park at Karnajora.
" Banabithi Resort at Barui, Barduari.
" Farm-House at Samaspur, Hemtabad

Important Telephone numbers:

STD code: (Raiganj/Kaliyaganj - 03523),
(Islampur-03526), (Karandighi/Dalkhola-03525)                                                                                                                        District Magistrate & Collector e-mail: dm-rgj-wb@nic.in 252925 252250(Fax)
Addl. District Magistrate (D) 254674 Addl. District Magistrate 252555 Addl. District Magistrate (G) 252347
Addl. Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad e-mail: aeozp-udi@nic.in 252276                                                                                      SDO, Raiganj 252444 SDO, Islampur (03526)-255001
District Planning Officer 253145 District Informatics Officer (NIC) e-mail: wbrgj@nic.in 250054
Dist. Project Officer, DPEP 249215 NDC, Raiganj 252443 NDC, Islampur (03526)-255122                                                           Dist. Panchayat & Rural Dev. Officer 253017 O.C., Estt./Sr.D.C 252157
O/c Literacy & District Youth Officer 250056 O/C, Election, Raiganj 251124/252569 District Library Officer 251115 Treasury Officer, Raiganj Treasury-I 256682 Treasury Officer, Raiganj Treasury-II 249625 Treasury Office, Raiganj 252310
Treasury Office, Islampur (03526)-255125 District Relief Officer, Raiganj 253153 Regional Transport Officer 252483 
Dist. Social Welfare Officer 255028 Sr. Staff Officer, Civil Defence 252440 DPO, ICDS 253130
Probation Officer 252440 Office Superintendent 253154 Dist Land & Land Reforms Officer 252904
District Registrar 253156 Sub-div Land & Land Reforms Officer, Raiganj 252185 Spl. Land Acquisition Officer 252126/252481



Mohammed Salim -Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Constituency: Raiganj (West Bengal)
Permanent Address:



Animal Resources Development
Dy Director ARD & Parishad Officer 252138 Asstt. Director ARD 252138
Jt. Director Agriculture 252391 Principal Agriculture Officer (03522)-255253 Agriculture Income Tax Officer 255570
Secretary, RMC, Kaliyaganj 253270  
Exe. Engineer, Islampur (03526)-257964
GM, DIC 252043 District Officer, WB KVI Board (khadi) 252476 GM, Spnning Mill 254151 DD, Handloom & Textile 252326
Asst. Director, Sericulture 252342
Central Excise & Customs & Excise
Supdt. Central Ex. 252743 Supdt.Customs,Raiganj Circle 252548
Supdt. Customs (preventive) 253115 Supdt. of Excise 253186
Consumer Forum President 252006
Dy. Director 254101 Employment Officer (DEE, Raiganj) 252639

Fire Service
Fire Brigade, Raiganj 252222 Finance-Commercial Tax Dy. Commissioner 253074 Asst. Commissioner 252336

Asst. Director 249782 CEO, FFDA 253155

DFO,RaiganjDiv.SF252647                                                                                                                                                                             Food & Supplies
DCF & S 252132


Guest Houses

Karnajora Guest House 256411 Karnajora Circuit House 250009 Raiganj Tourist Lodge 25915/25285
WBSEB Bungalow 252622  4th BN. SAP, Kasba 252033 Kulik PWD Bungalow 225286

CMOH 252039 ACMOH, Sadar 252286 ACMOH, F.W 253208 Supdt. District Hospital, Raiganj 242409/252509
Supdt. Islampur Hospital (03526)-255407/255033

Information & Culture

DICO 252717 Uttar Dinajpur District Press Club 252677/253304

Irrigation & Waterways

SE, Agri-Irrgn, Raiganj A-I 252715 EE, Irrgn.Div.Raiganj 252008 SDO Irrign, Raiganj 252015 SDO Irrign, Islampur 255030 SE, Teesta Canal Circle, Raiganj 252327 EE, Teesta Canal HQR, Raiganj 25319 EE, Teesta Canal Div-I Islampur 255075 EE, Teesta Canal Div-II Islampur 255082 EE, Teesta Canal Div-II Raiganj 254912

District Court 252304/253826 Sub-Div. Judicial Magistrate 252408

Land & Land Reforms & Acquisition

DL & LRO 252904 SDL & LRO, Raiganj 252185 Spl L.A.O. 252481

Municipal Affairs
Chairman, Raiganj Municipality 242542 Chairman, Kaliyaganj Municipality 258165
Chairman, Islampur Municipality 255153 Chairman, Dalkhola Municipality 257650

Supdt. of Police 252461/253033(F) Commandant, SAP, Kasba 252660/252695
Addl. Supdt. of Police 252223 Asstt. Commandant, SAP, Kasba 252695
Police Control Room 252545

Public Works Department

EE, Highway Divn. (Roads) 252238 EE, N.H. Divn-VIII (Roads) 252256 EE, PWD 252589


Raiganj University College 252564 Raiganj Polytechnic College 252369 Raiganj B.Ed. College 252413
Surendra Nath College, Raiganj 253055 DI of Schools (pry) 253400 DI of Schools (SE) 253400 DPO DPEP 249215

General Manager, Telecom 256666 JTO, Raiganj 252593 Maintenance 253080/252818

Div. Manager, N.B.S.T.C. 252599 NBSTC Enquiry 252671

W.B. State Electricity Board

SE, Raiganj (D) Circle 252237 Asst. Engineer, Group Supply 252583
Z illa Parishad Sabhadhipati 252826 Sahakari Sabhadhipati 252367

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