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Geography :

The district of Hooghly got its name from the town of Hooghly situated on the west bank of Hooghly River about 40 km north of Kolkata. This town was a river port in the fifteenth century.The River Hooghly in east. Anothermajor riveris 'Damodar'. The district
Howrah District is to the south, Bardhaman District to the north, and to the east by the River Hooghly. Bankura District lies to the
north-west, with Medinipur District to the south-west.
Geographical Area : 3149 Sq. Km. District Latitude Longitude North-- 23 0 01' 20"N South--22 0 39' 32"N East--88 0 30' 20"E West--
87 0 30' 15"N

History :
The first European to reach this area was the Portuguese sailor Vasco-da-gama. In 1536 Portuguese traders got a permit from
Sultan Mahmud Shah to trade in this area. In those days the Hooghly River was the main way for transportation and Hooghly served
as an excellent trading port. Within a few decades the town of Hooghly turned into a major commercial center and the largest port in
Bengal. Later in 1579-80 emperor Akbar gave permission to a Portuguese captain Pedro Tavares to establish a city anywhere in the
Bengal province. They normally chosed Hooghly and thus Hooghly became the first European settlement in Bengal. In 1599 the
Portuguese traders built a convent and a church in Bandel. This is the first Christian church in Bengal known as Bandel church’ today.


Economy :

Hooghly is the one of the most economically developed districts in West Bengal. It is also the main jute cultivation, jute industry, and
jute trade
hub in the state. There are also a number of industrial complexes including one of the largest car manufacturing plants in
India, the 'Hindustan Motors' plant located in Uttarpara.The
jute mills are located along the banks of the river Hooghly in Tribeni,
Bhadreswar, Champdani and Sreerampur.

Municipalities :
*Hooghly-Chinsurah,     *Bansberia,      *Chandannagar,      *Bhadreswar,      *Champdani      *Tarakeswar, *Baidyabati,   *Serampore,   *88Rishra,    *Konnagar,     *Uttarpara-Kotrang,     *Arambagh
District Profile :

District HQ : Chinsurah        *Sub-Division – 4       *Block/ Panchayat Samity – 18       *Municipality – 11

*Corporation – 1    *Gram Panchayat – 210        *Gram Sansad – 3029        *Police Station - 33


Sub-Divisions :

The district comprises four subdivisions: Chinsurah, Chandannagore, Srirampore and Arambagh.Chinsurah subdivision consists of
two municipalities (Hugli-Chuchura and Bansberia) and five community development blocs:
Balagarh, Chinsurah–Mogra, Dhaniakhali, Pandua and Polba–Dadpur. Chandannagore subdivision consists of Chandannagar municipal corporation and three municipalities (Bhadreswar,ChampdaniandTarakeswar) and 3 community development blocs: Haripal, Singur and Tarakeswar. Srirampore subdivision consists of five municipalities (Serampore, Uttarpara Kotrung, Konnagar, Rishra and Baidyabati)and 4 community development blocks:Chanditala–I,Chanditala–II,angipara & Sreerampur Uttarpara. Arambagh subdivision consists of Arambag municipality and six community development blocks: Arambag, Khanakul–I, Khanakul–II, Goghat–I, Goghat–II and Pursurah.


Telephone Directory :

District Administration :

Divisional Commissioner Burdwan Division Office: 2680-2455 /2680-2170 Residence: 2680-1111 Burd-Div@Nic.Wb.In
District Magistrate Office: 2680-2044 Residence: 2680-2040 Fax: 2680-2048   Dm-Hoog@Nic.Wb.In
Sabhadhipati Hooghly Zilla Parishad
Office: 2680-1089 Residence: 9112-255600 Fax: 2680-3267
Sdphzp@Vsnl.Net SabhadhiHug@Rediffmail.com
                                                                                           Superintendent Of Police Office: 2680-4827 Residence: 2680-2325 Fax: 2680-4827                                                 Addl. District Magistrate (General) Office: 2680-2043 Residence: 2680-2041 Fax: 2680-3102 Admgenhg@Vsnl.Net
Addl. District Magistrate (Development)
Office: 2680-2317 Fax: 2680-2217 Admdevhg@Vsnl.Net
Addl. Exe. Officer Hooghly Zilla Parishad
Office: 2680-3266 Residence: 2681-1367 Fax: 2680-3266
Secretary, Hooghly Zilla Parishad
Office: 2680-3267                                                                                            Sub-Divisional Officer Sadar  Office : 2680-2535 Residence:2680-2854 Sdo_Sadar@Redifmail.com


Municipalities :

Hooghly-Chinnsurah: 2680-2319/3166/2899 Bansberia: 2634-6324 Chandannagore Corporation:2683-5297/5068/7804 Champdani: 2632-3429Bhadreswar: 2633-5283 Baidyabati: 2632-0443 Serampore: 2662-0310                               Tarakeswar: 9112-276105 Arambag: 03221-2550030 Rishra: 2672-1373Konnagore: 2663-0210                                  Uttarpara: 2663-4095 Arambag: 03211-255047 Serampore: 26622503/6622771(PBX) Dankuni: 2659-4720               Jangipara: 9112-259220

Police Stations :

Chinsurah: 2680-4743 Mogra: 2684-6778 Polba: 2684-6585 Dhaniakhali: 9113-255225 Dadpur: 9113-252201 Balagarh: 9113-260290 Pandua: 9113-266064 Chandnnagore: 2683-5340(PBX) Bhadreswar: 2683-4561 Singur: 2662-2503 Haripal: 9112-242271 Tarakeswar: 9112-276252 Pursurah: 9112-255064 
03211-244235 Khanakul: 03211-266225 Uttarpara: 2646-1278 Chanditala: 9112-244230



Aparupa Poddar (Afrin Ali) All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Arambagh (SC) (West Bengal)
Permanent Address:





Dr. Ratna De  All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Hooghly (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address: Block-O, Flat-4CII Sch Vii-M (VIP Road) 
Govt. Housing Estate WCLCINCP-8,Commercial Building, Kolkata-5 
Telephone No. (033)23550534,9830131093, 9830020557 (M)
Delhi Address:  Banga Bhawan,  New Delhi
Delhi Telephone No. 9013180186 (M)




Shri Kalyan Banerjee  All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Sreerampur (West Bengal)
Permanent Address: 124 A, Rash, Betnli Avenue, Kolkatta-7000029 
Telephone No. (033) 24656070 ,9830035733 (M) 
Delhi Address:  Banga Bhawan, New Delhi 
Delhi Telephone No. 9013180097 (M)



Panchayat Samities,B.D.Os and Other Important Telephone Numbers :

Chin-Mogra: 2684-6239 Balagarh P.O.:9113-260240 Haripal: 9112-242240Guptipara P.S.:9113-262235
2630-0018 Tarakeswar: 9112-276260Serampore-Uttarpara: 2662-0082 Khanakul-I: 9113-266241
9112-261566Bandel G.P.:2680-3395 Panduah: 9113-266061 Kodalia-I G.P.:2680-1673
9113-255249 Saptagram G.P.:2680-6803 Dhaniakhali Panchayat: 9113-255262
03211-244258 Jangipara: 9112-259666/259237 Goghat-Ii: 03211-244241
9112-244221/248236 Arambag: 03211-255070/255861 Chanditala-Ii: 9112-244363
Dankuni G.P.:
9112-244041 Polba-Dadpur: 9113-266587 Balagarh: 9113-260301 Sheoraphli G.R.P.: 2632-0251

College-School Libraries :

Hooghly Mohsin College: 2680-2252 Bani Mandir School: 2680-2427 Hooghly Womens College: 2680-2335 Collegiate School: 2680-2510 Siksha Mandir: 2680-0577 Branch School: 2680-2478
Desh Bandhu Boys High School:
2680-2452 Binodini School: 2680-2569 H.I.T  2680-2065
Desh Bandhu Girls High School:
2680-1643 St. Johns School: 2680-2793  Bandel I.T.I.:2631-2327         
Junior H.I.T.:
2680-2064 Duff High School: 2680-2858 Shome Training Academy: 2680-0848
Hooghly Girls:
2680-2466 Garbati High School: 2680-5290 District Library: 2680-2362
Don Bosco School:
2631-2437 Serampore College: 2662-2322 Chandannagore College: 2683-5290 
Kalyani University: 2582-8282 Chandannagore B.Ed. College:2683-6040 Pratibandhi Kalyan Kendra: 2631-2834
Burdwan University :
( 0342) 263913 Auxilium Convent: 2631-2460 Indira Gandhi National Open University: 2334-7576


Kanailal Vidyamandir: 2683-6243 Hooghly Gour Hari Harijan Vidyamandir: 2680-2911 Krishna Bhavini Nari Siksha Mandir: 2683-5846 Hooghly Madrasah High School: 2680-2653
St. Thomas School:
2683-5310 Aurobindo High School: 2683-6241
Govt. Training College (Junior):
2680-2064 St. Joseph Convent: 2683-5307
Survey Institute:
2680-2588 Govt. Training College: 2680-2085 District Library: 2680-2362
Industrial Training Institute:
2631-2327 Arambagh Girls' College: 03211-255960 Khalishani College: 2683-5530
Bhadrakali N. Balananda College:
2663-0270 Serampore College: 2662-2322  Bijoy Krishna Mahavidyalaya: 9113-260288 Bagati Sri Gopal Baneerjee College: 2684-6244 Institute Of P.G. Edu. (W):2683-6040 Bidhan Ch. Colllege,
2662-1812 Kabi Sukanta Mahavidyala, Bhadreswar: 2633-6184 Bijoy Narayan Mahavidyalaya: 9113-266279   
Sarat Centenary College: 9113-255282 Hiralal Paul College, Nabagram: 2663-0077  Tarakeswar Degree College: 9112-276269 Raja Ram Mohan Mahavidyalaya: 03211-266221 Vidyasagar College, Mosat: 9112-25887 Tarakeswar Mahavidyalaya: 9112-276780


S.D.O Chandannagore:

S.D.O.: Office: 2683-5324 Residence: 2683-5341 PBX 2683-6093/5341 Land & Land Reforms:
  Police PBX: 2683-5340 Treasury: 2683-4193 Fire Brigrade: 2683-6054 Asstt. Labour Commission: 2683-535 Employment Exchange: 2683-6380 SDJM: 2683-2374

S.D.O. Serampore

S.D.O. Office:
2662-1041 Residence: 2662-33372 ND Officers: 2662-1042  PBX: 2652-0939
Police PBX:
2662-2503/2701  Election: 2662-1592  Tele. Exchange: 2622-2198
Employment Ex.:
2652-1367 Treasury-I: 2662-2757  Treasury-II: 2662-5635




Hospitals and Other Medical Centers :

Dist. Hospital Hooghly: 2680-2293/3198 Dist. Vet Nary: 2680-2472
E.S.I. Hospital (Bandel):
2631-2128/2680-2827 E.S.I. Serampore: 2652-1703 E.S.I. Uttarpara: 2663-4212
Chand. Hospital: 2683-8398 Arambag Hospital:
03211-255095 Walsh Hospital: 2662-1700/6062                                Red Cross Hooghly: 2680-0605 Hgly. P.H. Eng.Office :2680-2480

Other Government Office And Other Phone Numbers :

Asstt. Engr. (Agri) Irrig.2680-2250/2500 Animal Husbandry: 2680-5174/2472 Asstt. Engr. Elec. (Pwd):2680-2053 A.R.C.S.:2680-2290 Asstt. Engr. P.W.D. (Chin):2680-2855 Asstt. Engr. Housing: 2680-4790                                             Asstt. Engr. P.W.D. Div.-I: 2680-2305 Asstt. Engr. Kalyani: 2680-2305  Agri. Marketing: 2680-2375                    A.D.F.O.:2680-2396 Asstt. Engr. (Roads):2680-2407  Asstt. Engr. (Const.):2680-2633 Arambagh College: 03211-255012 Asstt. Evlu. Officer: 2680-2985  B.L.L.R.O.:2631-5740 S.D.L.R.O.:2631-2016 Bankura Irri. Divn.:03242-24934  Bandel Church: 2631-2206 Bar Library: 2680-2195 Call Centre: 2680-2740  C.M.O.H. Hooghly: 2680-1193 C.M.O.H. Dy-I: 2680-2505 C.M.O.H. Dy-I: 2680-2835 Circuit House-I: 2680-2852 C.M.O.H. Dy.I:2680-2854 Civil Defence: 2680-2450  Court Exchange: 2680-2123/2122 Cadc Boinchee: 03213-269259 Commissioners’ P.A.-I: 2680-2455  Commissioner's P.A.-I: 2680-2170 Commissioner's Bunglow: 2680-1111 C.J.M. (Office):2680-2194  Court PBX: 2680-2374 
Dist. Registration Off.:
2680-4742 D.R.O.:2680-6195 D.R.D.A.:2680-2796  P.O. D.R.D.A. :2680-1026                           D.P.R.D.A. (Panchayet):2680-2288  D.L. & L.R.O.  2631-2097 Dist. Statistical: 2680-2013
2680-2084/2055  D.I.C.O. (Rabindra Bhaban):2680-2338 Dist. F.C.I.:2680-2329                              Dy.Dir. Handloom & Txt.:2680-2511  Dist. Youth Officer: 2680-2298 Dy. Dir. Local Bodies: 2680-2259 Dist. Social Edn. Offi.2680-2473  Dist. I. Primary: 2680-3172 Dist. I. Secondary: 2680-2581 Dist. Counsil: 2680-2370


Main Communication :

1. Eastern Railway Howrah-Burdwan Main Line  2. Howrah-Burdwan Cord Line   3. Howrah-Tarakeswar Main Line 
4. Howrah-Katowa Main Line

Main Road
National Highway-I  :
1. (106 K.M.)  2. State Highway : 8 (197 K.M.) 3. Metal Led Road : 35 (348 K.M.) 4. Market Link Road 15 (53 K.M.) 5. Rural Road : 407 K.M. 6. Other District Road : 199 K.M.7. District Road : 274 K.M. 
No. Of Rail Road :4 (202 K.M.)

Main Ferry Services :

1.Chinsurah – Naihati  2. Chandannagar – Jagaddal  3. Bhadeshwar - Shyamnagar 4. Srirampore – Barakpore  5. Dunlop Ghat - Bag More


Assembly Constituencies :

The district is divided into 19 assembly constituencies:                                                                                     1.Jangipara (assembly constituency no. 177),2.Chanditala (assembly constituency no. 178),
3.Uttarpara (assembly constituency no. 179),4.Serampore (assembly constituency no. 180),
5.Champdani (assembly constituency no. 181),6.Chandernagore (assembly constituency no. 182),
7.Singur (assembly constituency no. 183), 8.Haripal (assembly constituency no. 184),
9.Tarakeswar (assembly constituency no. 185)10.Chinsurah (assembly constituency no. 186),                                        11.Bansberia (assembly constituency no. 187),12.Balagarh (SC) (assembly constituency no. 188),                             
13.Pandua (assembly constituency no. 189),14.Polba (assembly constituency no. 190),                                             15.Dhaniakhali (SC) (assembly constituency no.191),16.Pursurah (assembly constituency no. 192),                               17.Khanakul (SC) (assembly constituency no. 193),18.Arambagh (assembly constituency no. 194) and                       
19.Goghat (SC) (assembly constituency no. 195).



Lok Sabha Constituencies :


Sreerampur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Along with two assembly constituencies from Howrah district, Uttarpara, Sreerampur, Champdani, Chanditala and Jangipara
constituencies will form the Sreerampur (Lok Sabha constituency).                                                                                                
Hooghly (Lok Sabha constituency)
Singur, Chandannagar, Chunchura, Balagarh, Pandua, Saptagram and Dhanekhali constituencies will form the Hooghly (Lok
Sabha constituency).

Arambag (Lok Sabha constituency)
Haripal, Tarakeswar, Pursurah, Arambag, Goghat and Khankul constituencies will be part of the Arambag (Lok Sabha
constituency), which will also contain one assembly segments in Paschim Medinipur district.

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