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This smallest district in West Bengal is situated between 22o12' 30" and 22o46' 55" north latitude and 88o22' 10" and 87o50' 45" east longitude. It is a district of the Presidency Division. Howrah district of West Bengal is spread over an area of 1467 sq. kms. The district is bounded in the north by the Arambagh and Shrirampur sub-divisions of the district of Hoogle. On the east by Kolkata and South 24- Parganas districts, on the south by the Tamluk Subdivision of East Medinipur district; and on the west partly by the Tamluk and Ghatal Subdivisions of East Medinipur and partly by the Arambagh subdivision of Hoogle. Headquarters of this district is Howrah. The boundaries are partly natural and partly artificial. On the west and south-west the Rupnarayan, and on the east and south-east the Bhagirathi constitute natural boundaries, while on the north, except for small stretches to the north-east and north-west bounded by the Baly Khal and the Damodar respectively, the boundary is formed by an artificial line marking the southern limits of the Hooghly district.


Howrah, the second largest city of West Bengal and twin of Kolkata is said to have a rich history that dates back to 500 years. The name itself is possibly derived from a village named Harirah which was located in or about the site of modern day Howrah City The Howrah Railway Terminus came up in 1854 and in 1862 the first municipal administration started functioning though the modern day Corporation as we see it now came into being in 1980 when the Howrah Act, 1980 was implemented. Bengali, Hindi, and Oriya are the main language spoken in the district.

District Profile:
The district is at present comprises of 2 sub-divisions,and14 Community Development Blocks.It has 47 towns and 741 villages. Community Development Blocks 14 *Shyampur I, *Shyampur II, *Bagnan I, *Bagnan II, *Uluberia I, *Uluberia II, *Udaynarayanpur, *Amta I, *Amta II, *Domjur, *Jagatballavpur, *Bally-Jagachha, *Sankrail, *Panchla The district is well connected by road, rail and river. The Grand Trunk Road is passing through the district with 12.8 kilometers length. The Howrah railway terminus, which dates back to 1906, is one of the busiest railway stations in India. As the terminal station of two important railways viz. Eastern and South Eastern, it provides direct rail link to most of the important places all over the country. The chief navigable waterways in the district are the Hoogle, Rupnarayan and Damodar.. In addition, the district has the unique distinction of having largest botanic garden in India. The Indian Botanic Garden is situated in Sibpur. It spreads over an area of 110.48 hectares.


The district Howrah is essentially an industrial district and these industries may be broadly classified into two groups; the large-scale industries and the cottage industries. The large-scale industries include jute mills, cotton mills and the like. The workshop industry consists mainly of the vast number of engineering units. The workshop industries in the district employ a large number of labour forces. The cottage industries in the district have made up with modern techniques to some extent keeping at par with the industrialization of the district. Tourism At Howrah Once known as the 'Manchester of Bengal', this District has a number of places of tourist interest, a few of which are the most visited sites in the country and all located in and around the Howrah Municipal Corporation.

Place of visit spots

*The Howrah Station *The Howrah Bridge or the Rabindra Setu *The Indian Botanic Garden
*The Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur *The Belur Math & temple *The second Hooghly Bridge or Vidyasagar Setu
*Panitras Samtaber, the birth place of the great Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.
*Gadiara- the confluence of the Hooghly and the Rupnarayan.
*Garchumuk- the confluence of the Hooghly and the Damodar.

The Howrah Station
It is the gateway of Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal to the rest of the country. Developed towards the early part of the twentieth century, it has become one of the most important transit points for passengers and goods movement in the country. The present station building will be completing its glorious 100 years in 2006.
The Howrah Bridge or the Rabindra Setu.

The old Howrah Bridge, a floating pontoon Bridge, was opened in October 1874 and made over to Port Commissioners who managed and maintained it. Designed by the late Sir Bradford Leslie, it had a total length of 1528 feet between centres of abutments and provided a 48' feet roadway and two 7' feet footways. The most novel feature was the removable section which when floated out gave a 200' feet clear openings, with a head room of 22' feet, were also provided for smaller crafts. The adjusting ways or shore spans, one at each end of the bridge, consisted of three 160' feet long bow string girders.


The Great Banyan Tree
This tree is the chief attraction and also the pride and glory of the Garden. It resembles more like a forest than a single tree and evokes awe and wonder in the minds of the vast multitude of daily visitors. The tree has sent down innumerable roots from its branches vertically to the ground and the roots have grown thick and shout to bear all the appearance of so many trunks. The striking development of the aerial roots from branches is peculiarity of the Banyan tree. The main trunk of the Banyan tree was about 51 feet in girth in December, 1894 and the aerial roots which actually reached the ground at that date numbered 378 and the roots newly formed which did not reach the ground numbered 100. According to this tradition the age of the tree would be 235 years now in 2004.


Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur
It is the premier Engineering college in the State and one of the best Engineering colleges in the country. It is situated on the balks of the River Hooghly at the south-eastern border of the town and the north of the Indian Botanic Garden.


Belur Math & temple
Belur Math is situated just outside the boundary of Howrah Municipal Corporation on the north and stands on the West Bank of the river Hooghly. It was founded in 1897 by Swami Vivekananda, the great savant of India, and other disciples of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, The breadth of the shrine is 100' ft and its length, including the prayer hall, is 233' ft. On a marble pedestal in the shrine is a marble statute of Sri Ramkrishna in his familiar Asana. The prayer hall is 152' ft. long, 72' ft. wide and 48' ft. high. The math is the headquarters of the Ramkrishna Mission,

Situated at the confluence of the Hooghly and the Damodar, this spot has a quiet scenic beauty. The undulating irrigation canal connecting the two rivers add to the beauty of the spot. There are two Bungalows of Howrah Zilla Parishad. The new Bungalow is situated in the vicinity of the confluence. There is also one deer park within the campus of the old bungalow. Though the spot is yet to take a place in the tourist map, it can be developed as a major tourist spot with adequate publicity, proper maintenance of the deer park and beautification of the embankment.

Home place of the immortal Bengali novelist Sri Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The building is now preserved as a Museum where mementoes of Saratbabu like table, chair, chappals, stick, bed, writing tables are kept apart from hiworks(books),some manuscripts and personal letters.
Second Hooghly Bridge or Vidyasagar Setu Vidyasagar Setu -known as the Second Hooghly Bridge the finest product of modern architecture and technology. is connected with the cities of Kolkata and Howrah It is erected on only four pillars and hanged on 121 number of iron ropes. The bridge is 458 metres long and 115 metres wide.


Administration Phone:
District Magistrate Office 2641-2024, 2641-2961 Fax 2641-3367
A D M (G) Office 2641-4721 2637-6893, Fax 2638-4913 Res 2637-6882
ADM (Dev) Office 2638-3529 Fax 2638-3529 Res 2334-6600
A D M (Panchyat) Office 2638-6474 Fax 2638-6474 Res 2641 3151
A D M (L R) Office 2641-2749, 2641-9924 Res 2641 9920
Sub-divisional Officer (Sadar) Office 2641 2329Fax 2641 2329 Res 2641 2428
Sr. Dy. Collector Office 2641 1029 Nezarath Dy. Collector Office 2641 4910
Dist. Planing Officer Office 2641 4917 Dist .Panchayat Officer Office 39570292
Dist Welfare Officer Office 2641 5477 Dist. Relief Officer Office 2641 9964
D P O (ICDS) & (DSWO) Office 2641 3301 Urban Land Ceiling Office Office 2641 7109
Spl. L A O (G) Office 2641 1783 Regional Transport Officer Office 2641 2435
Treasury Officer - I Office 2641 2884 Treasury Officer - II Office 2641 5446
Superintend. of Excise Office 2638 2842 O/C. District Election Office 2641 7109 / 9963
S D O (Elec.) Deptt. Office 2641 1146 Dist. Elec. Deptt. Office 2641 3496
Nezarath Deptt. Office 2637 3287 Pool Superintendent Office 2637 5665

Circuit House Office 2638 4272 Dist. R R & R Officer Office 2641 2805
Controller Thika Tenancy Office 2641 2990 Dist. Literacy Cell Office 2637 2237
Dist. Vigilance Office 2641 7599 O/C. Civil Defiance Office 2641 4916
Zilla Sainik Board Office 2641 3794 Office Superintendent (OS) Office 2637 6883
Pancahyat Deptt. Office 2637-7591 Spl. L A O (H I T) Office 2641 4380
Dist.Information & Cultural Officer Office 2637 8339 S D L R O (S) Office 2638 3118
Project Director, D R D C, Office 2641 7180 O/C., Town Survey Unit Office 2637 8030
Dist. Youth Officer Office 2641 4254 Dist. Statistical Officer Office 2666 2855
Dist. Jail Office 2638 2919 Sub-Regional Employ. Exchange Office 2641 1834
Dy. Director Employment Howrah Office 2637 3391 Dist. Fisheries Officer Office 2666 4488
Dist Veterinary Officer Office 2666 1525 Dist. Forest Officer Office 2641 1772
Divisional Fire Officer Office 2666 8111 Dy. Director Small Savings Office 2637 1396
Dy. Director Animal Husbandry Office 2666 3197 Asstt. Director Fisheries Office 2666 4488
Dy. Labour Commissioner Office 2637 5136 C E O, F F D A Office 2666 1710
Programme Officer (S S E P) Office 2641 4132 Dist. Agriculture Officer Office 2637 8496                                                Sub-divisional Agriculture Officer Office 2637 8451 Handloom Development Officer Office 2666 9203
Dist. Manager (SC/ST& Fina.Corp Office 2641 5343 G.M. Dist. Industries Centre Office 2666 8864
Dist. Library Officer Office 2641 4082 Asstt. Register Co-operat. Society Office 2637 0102

Dist. Agricultural Marketing Officer Office 2637 1594 Dy. Commissioner Commercial Tax Office 2666 9024
Commercial Tax Howrah Circle Office 2666 8810 Regional Employment Exchange Office 2237 6313/14
Dist. Officer Education & Youth welfare Office 2641 5976 C.D.P.O., Shibpur Office 2641 1356
Dy. Director,Howrah Home,ITI Office 2627 1176 Supt. Liluah S M M Home Office 2655 7375
Asstt. Supt. S M M Home Office 2655 8776 Manager Casual Vagrant Home Office 2668 2427
D.P.O, Sarba Siksha Abhijan SSA Office 2637 7671 Dy.Director, E S I Office 2355 6166
Director, E S I Office 2355 6385


Helpline Numbers- Police
Superintendent of Police, Howrah 2641-2626
Addl. Superintendent of Police,(Town), Howrah 2640-1100
Addl. Superintendent of Police,(Rural), Howrah 2640-2300
Addl. Superintendent of Police,(Headquarter), Howrah 2640-4200
Deputy Superintendent of Police,(DIB), Howrah 2641-4101
Deputy Superintendent of Police,(DEB), Howrah 2640-4001-4 PBX (Ext 224)
Deputy Superintendent of Police,(Headquarter), Howrah 2640-4006 2640-40014PBX (Ext 216)
Deputy Superintendent of Police, (Town/South), Howrah 2650-8684 2640-4001-4 PBX (Ext 217)
Deputy Superintendent of Police, (North), Howrah 2641-1388
Deputy Superintendent of Police,(D & T), Howrah 26412670
Deputy Superintendent of Police,(Traffic-I), Howrah 2640-4001-4 PBX (Ext 220)
Deputy Superintendent of Police,(Traffic-II), Howrah 2640-4001-4 PBX (Ext 221)
Sub - Divisional Police Officer, Uluberia 2661-0265 Police Control Room 2641-5614
R.T. Control 2661-2375 R.T. Control Fax 2641-5614 R.T. Sub-Control Fax, Uluberia 2661-0245
District Control Room, Howrah 2641-2375 2640-4001-4 PBX (Ext 229)
Sub-Divisional Control Room, Uluberia 2661-0245 R. I. Shibpur Police Line 2640-4008/9

Police station
Howrah Police Station 2641-1750 Shibpur Police Station 2638-1028 Golabari Police Station 2666-3515
Batra Police Station 2643-1009 Liluah Police Station 2645-8047 MaliPanchghora Police Station 2655-5952/4777
Jagacha Police Station 2657-9223 Sankrail Police Station 2679-0200 Dasnagar I/C 2653-1260
Chatterjeehat I/C 2667-2031 Bally Police Station 2654-1128 Domjur Police Station 2670-0208
Panchla Police Station 953214-259224 Jagatballavpur Police Station 953214-255230
Bauria Police Station 2661-8272 Shyampur Police Station 953214-264232 Amta Police Station 953214-260256
Udaynarayanpur Police Station 953214-257220 Uluberia Police Station 2661-0261
Bagnan Police Station 953214-266241 Joypur Police Station 953214-234126

E-Mail IDS of Blocks of Howrah District
bally-jagacha@yahoo.co.in                                                                                                                 Domjur bdodjr_eops@yahoo.com                                                                                                                             Jagat Ballavpur jbpur_block@vsnl.net
Sankrail bdo_s@yahoo.co.in                                                                                                                         Panchla panchla@rediffmail.com
uluberia1_bdo@rediffmail.com                                                                                                              Uluberia-II bdoulu2@rediffmail.com                                                                                                                       Bagnan-I bdo_bagnan1@yahoo.co.in                                                                                                                   Bagnan-II bagnanbdo2@vsnl.net                                                                                                                    Shyampur-I bdoshyampur1@rediffmail.com                                                                                                                Uday Narayanpur unpur@vsnl.net
bdoshyampur2@yahoo.co.in                                                                                                                  Amta-I bdo_amta1@vsnl.net                                                                                                                              Amta-II bdoamta2@yahoo.co.in


M.P.s & M.L.A.s


Prasun Banerjee All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Howrah (West Bengal) 
Telephone No. 


Shri Sultan Ahmed  All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Uluberia (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address: 19 B, Muzaffar Ahmed Street,P.S. Park Street,Kolkata-700016
Telephone No. (033) 22809407 
Email Address : sultan.ahmed@nic.in 
Present Address
Delhi Address:  48, Lodhi Estate,New Delhi-110003 
Delhi Telephone No.  (011) 23388771, 23388776, 9013180072 (M), Fax. 23388780



161 - Bally Shri.Sultan Singh (AITC)  -487, FE Block, Saltlake, Kolkata
162 - HOWRAH- UTTAR  Shri.Asok Ghosh 
(AITC) 9/8, Sitanath Bose Lane, Salkia, District Howrah.
163 - Howrah Central Shri.Arup Roy (Apu) 
(AITC) 2/1, Dharmatala Lane, P.O. Khurut, P.S. Shibpur, District Howrah.
164 - Howrah SouthShri.Brajamohan Majumder 
(AITC) 7/1/3,Priya Nath Ghosh Lane,Howrah-711104
165 - Shibpur Shri.Jatu Lahiri  
(AITC) Ambica Kundu Bye Lane,P.O.Santragachi,Dist. Howrah.
166 - Domjur Shri.Rajib Banerjee  
(AITC) Upasana,Flat-B/6, 1/4 Hindusthan Road,Kolkata-29
167 - Jagatballavpur Shri.Abul Kasem Molla 
(AITC) 11/1B,Debi Chowdhury Road ,Kolkata-700 023, P.S.Ekbalpur
168 - PanchlaShri.Gulsan Mullick 
(AITC) P.O. Abberia P.S. Panchla, District Howrah.
169 - Sankrail Shri.Sital Kumar Sardar 
(AITC) Vill & P.O. Podra, Sankril, Howrah.Phone - 2644-8939
170 - Uluberia NorthShri.Dr. Nirmal Maji 
(AITC) 115/1 Hazra Road , Flat No 2B Kolkata
171 - Uluberia SouthShri.Pulak Roy 
(AITC) P.O. Dakshin Ramchandrapur P.S. Uluberia, District Howrah.
172 - Shyampur Sri Kalipada Mondal
AITC Vill. Baneswarpur, P.O.Gujarpur,P.S.Shyampur,Dist.Howrah 953214-263131(R),9434515155(M)
173 - Bagnan Shri.Arunava Sen (Raja) (AITC) Khalore,P.O.+P.S. Bagnan, District Howrah.
176 -Udaynrayanpur Smt.
Shri.Samir Kumar Panja (AITC) Vill.Garh Bhabanipur, P.O.Chitrasenpur, P.S.Udanarayanpur, District Howrah.
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