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The R.O Water Treatment Plant eliminates unwanted particles, including salts, from a solution, making it an effective treatment solution for improving the properties of fluids such as color, odor, and taste. The reverse osmosis process involves separating purified water from contaminated water using cellophane-like membranes. Under pressure, the process forces purified water through the membrane to the concentrated side. Our team designs and manufactures R.O Water Treatment Plants for commercial applications, ensuring their effectiveness and efficiency

Sujata Water Tech prioritizes the health and well-being of consumers, which is why we manufacture high-quality 20 LTR Jar Filling RO Plants. Our plants provide reliable filtration of contaminated water, ensuring a healthy life for consumers. The plant consists of two large cylinders for the filtration and removal of impurities, along with valves that connect pipes and spots for intake and outage. Its maximum capacity is 20 LTR, meaning it can filter up to 20 liters of water at once. The addition of minerals and oxygen ions to the water further enhances its quality. Furthermore, we coat and paint each part of the plant to make it resistant to rust, ensuring its durability for an extended period.

20 LTR RO Plant manufacturer in Kolkata

As the demand for pure and safe drinking water increases, the water management industry is growing rapidly. At Sujata Water Tech, we have taken on the responsibility of providing the best water project plants, from purification to packaging. Our company offers high-quality pre- and post-treatment equipment. The 20 LTR jar filling RO plant in Kolkata is particularly in demand, as it is a fully automated machine used to fill purified water into 20-liter jars. These jars are widely used for both domestic and commercial purposes, providing cost-effective purified water for households and safe, germ-free water for offices, schools, restaurants, and hospitals. Our team of professionals uses the latest and most advanced technology to manufacture machines of the highest standard.

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We design our machines using state-of-the-art tools to enhance efficiency and operational capacity. Our clients appreciate our equipment for its low maintenance requirements and user-friendly operation. We commit to using carefully selected raw materials in manufacturing our plants and promise high-grade performance. Our reputation as a leading provider in Kolkata and throughout India is based on our ability to satisfy all customer demands. Whether travelling long distances or taking short trips, carrying distilled water is essential, as medical science advises against using water from unknown sources due to the risk of carrying germs and diseases. At Dew Pure, we offer an RO plant that fills 20-litre jars to make your packaging work easier while providing purified and distilled water for consumption.


Our 20 Ltr Jar filling RO plant in Kolkata, India is a reliable and trustworthy technology-based solution for your water purification needs. Due to the increasing demand for 20-liter jars of distilled water, our machines are highly sought after. Quality control is a top priority at our unit and we only deal with the best products. We have been leaders in this industry for a long time and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced professionals is always available for consultation and can help you choose the best product to meet your specific requirements. Simply explain your needs to our experts and they will provide you with an exceptional product.


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