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Geography :

Latitude Longitude North South East West N 24O50´20´´ N 23O43´30´´ E 88O46´00´´ E 87O49´17´´ Total Area  5341 sq. km
Height over mean sea level19m

History :

The Nawab Murshid Quli Khan made Murshidabad the capital city of Sube Bangla, comprising of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. The East India Company reigned from here for many years after the Battle of Plassey;Travellers extolled its glory through ages. Like other areas of Bengal Murshidabad also made its contribution to the freedom struggle of India. The Murshidabad District Committee of the Indian National Congress was formed in 1921. Brajabhushan Gupta was its first President. The students participated in movements like the Boycott of Foreign Goods and had links with the revolutionaries. In the Krishnanath College of Berhampore revolutionaries like Surya Sen and Niranjan Sen spent their college days. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Kazi Nazrul Islam spent some of their prison days. Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajendraprasad, C. R. Das and Netaji had also visited the district of Murshidabad during the freedom struggle days. A retarding force was the Muslim League Movement. But, the Congress and other secular forces fought against the communal forces. The efforts of Nawab Wasif Ali Mirza in forming the Hindu Muslim Unity Association in 1937 were also noteworthy. In 1943 a conference of the Association in Kolkata was arranged, at the request of Fazlul Haque. In 1940, the Revolutionary Socialist   Party was formed by Tridib Choudhury in the district. The presence of the Quit India movement was also felt here.
The country became independent on the 15th of August 1947, after being bifurcated into two nations, viz., India and Pakistan.Murshidabad became part of India on the basis of the final award of the Radcliffe Commission. However, some confusion was there on the initial two days of Independence.
Reference :wbgov web site
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Communication :

Murshidabad is well connected with Kolkata From Kolkata Berhampore the District head quarter of Murshidabad is 195 Km.
Tourist taxi, hired car, auto-rickshaw are available from Berhampore to visit the tourist spots at Murshidabad town, Azimganj,
Jiaganj, Kandi, Sagardighi, Karnasuvarna ..etc .

Railways :

Berhampore Court is the main station which is connected with Sealdah Station & Kolkata Station. The Bhagirathi Express.Hazarduari
Exp.& the Lalgola Passenger from the Sealdah Railway Station reach Berhampore Court Railway Station covering 197 km in 5 to 6
hours.Khagraghat, the other station at the opposite bank of the river Bhagirathi is connected with the Howrah Station. Teesta
Torsa, Kamrup, Hatey Bazare express have stoppage at Khagraghat Railway Station. The Khagraghat Railway station is also
connected by local trains from Katwa, Salar, Bandel and Howrah. One can also reach Khagraghat Station from Howrah by
Janshatabdi Express. Howrah - Maldah JanShatabdi Express Farakka is the most well connected railway station of this district.
Farakka is 98 km by road from Berhampore and is connected by every express bus coming from Malda, Siliguri, Raiganj, Coochbihar,
New Alipurduar, Gangtok, Balurghat, and Jalpaiguri. The following trains stop at new Farakka Junction: -
Sealdah Guwahati Kanchanjungha Express, Sealdah New Alipurduar Teesta Torsa Express,
Howrah Dibrugarh Kamrup Express,
Sealdah New Jalpaiguri Darjeeling Mail, Sealdah Katihar Hatey Bazare Express, Sealdah Malda Gour Express,
Delhi Dibrugarh Bhramaputra Mail, Bhiwani Malda Farakka Express.
Also one can reach Berhampore from Azimganj. Teesta Torsa, Kamrup, Hatey Bazare, Kanchanjungha and Uttarbanga Express
touch Azimganj Junction Railway Station. This place is well connected by bus from Berhampore. 


Roadways :

Buses ply frequently from Kolkata (i.e. from Sahid Minar, Ultadanga etc) to Berhampore. Most of the North Bengal bound bus have a
halt at Berhampore. Buses from nearby district town of West Bengal i.e. Burdwan, Rampurhat, Suri, Bolpur, Malda, Krishnagar and
Durgapur regularly ply to Berhampore.

Important Phone Numbers :

D.M OFF.251650, 254645 RES.25000, 2257522 FAX.250145 A.D.M (G) OFF.250147RES.251550 FAX.250693 
A.D.M (DEV) OFF.250389 RES.250085 A.D.M (LR) OFF.261042RES.250263  D.L.L.R.O OFF.251173 RES.250263 FAX 251205 AEO, ZP OFF.250527RES.250508 FAX.250483 SECY, ZP OFF. 251156 RES.259129  DY.SECY, ZP OFF.255731 P.O.DRDC OFF.250644RES.250667 FAX.251038 D.P.L.O OFF.253058 RES.250677 D.W.O OFF.250554 RES.253074  DM (SC&ST) CORPN. OFF.251128 RES. 254198 DPRDO OFF.251068 RES.253469 FAX. 251068   SR.DC OFF.256553 RES.252070 OC.JM OFF.252958 RES.252958  R.T.O OFF.263063 RES. 263063  NDC OFF.252086 RES.252382  
O.C. Election
OFF.251153 RES. 258117  O.C. General OFF.255432 RES.255432   DY. DLLRO OFF.255552    
OFF.250135 RES. 258100   Dy.D.S.S. OFF.252975 
D.Y.O. OFF.252941   T.O.I. OFF.250870 RES.250870   T.O.II OFF.2557062 RES.58195   EPABX 253300    
O/C Comp (MIS) OFF.256553, 252070   AE Electrical OFF.251433   Circuit House 250577  

Jangipore Subdivision  
OFF.266234 RES.266456 FAX. 266127 STD 03483   O.C.Election OFF.266246 STD 03483
Election Cell
OFF.266073 STD 03483  T.O. OFF.271126  STD 03483 BDO Farakka OFF.253249 FAX.253249 STD 03485
BDO Samserganj
OFF.265212 FAX.  266212 STD 03485 BDO Suti–I OFF 230226 FAX   230226 STD 03483 
BDO Suti -II
OFF.262890 FAX.262890 STD 03485 BDO Raghunathganj-I OFF.266062 RES.266062 FAX.266062 STD 03483
DO R/GANJ-II OFF.264241 RES. 266209 FAX.264241 STD 03483 BDO Sagardighi
OFF.268021 FAX. 268021 STD 03483
OFF.266079 RES. 266079 STD 03483             


Lalbagh Subdivision  

SDO OFF.270222 RES.270269 FAX 270222, 270314 STD 03482 Dy.Magistrate
OFF.270272    STD 03482  
Estate Manager
OFF.270239  STD 03482 BDO Lalgola OFF.263232 RES.263406 FAX 263232 STD 03483
BDO Bhagwangola-I OFF.259223 FAX 259223 STD 03483 BDO Bhagwangola-II OFF.242228   STD 03483  
BDO MSD Jiaganj 
OFF.270242 RES. 270242 FAX 270242 STD 03482
BDO Nabagram
OFF.270037 RES. 270037 FAX 270037 STD 03483 SDPO OFF.270233 STD 03482       


SP OFF. 250751 RES. 250003 FAX 251750 STD 03782 ADDL SP OFF. 251213 RES. 251703   STD 03782          
OFF.251850 RES. 252474 STD 03782 DSP (HQ) OFF. 259042 RES. 250984 STD 03782     
OFF. 259042 RES. 250203 STD 03782 Police Wireless 250511 STD 03782   
252024 STD 03782 CI Sadar OFF. 250511 RES. 253803 STD 03782  Police Control Room 250099 STD 03782
Sadar Subdivision  

OFF.251700 RES.250684 FAX 253583 STD 03482 BDO Berhampore OFF.252656 RES.250920 FAX 252656
STD 03482
BDO Hariharpara
OFF.230246 RES.230246 STD 03482 BDO Nowda OFF.247232 RES247231 FAX 247232
STD 03482
BDO Beldanga I OFF.264047 RES.264047 264047 STD 03482 BDO Beldanga II
OFF.242234   RES.242234
STD 03482

Kandhi Subdivision  

SDO OFF.255221RES.255221, 25526 FAX 255905, 255906 STD 03484 O.C.Election OFF.255445 STD 03484             
Election Cell
OFF.255620 STD 03484 BDO Kandi OFF.255446 FAX.255446 STD 03484   
BDO Bharatpur-I
OFF.225056 FAX 225056 STD 03484 BDO Bharatpur-II OFF.273047   FAX 273047 STD 03484  
BDO Khargram
OFF.279033 FAX 279033 ST 03484 BDO Burwan OFF.271035 FAX 271035 STD 03484  
OFF.255270 RES.255270 STD 03484

Domkal Subdivision  
OFF.230600 RES.230699 FAX.230600 STD 03481 Dy. Magistrate OFF.230850 STD 03481
BDO Rani-I
OFF.236370 FAX 236370 STD 03481 BDO Rani-II OFF.238033 FAX 238033 STD 03481
BDO Jalangi
OFF.235022 RES.235050 FAX 235050 STD 03481 BDO Domkal OFF.230222 RES.230650 FAX 230222 STD 03481 S.D.P.O.OFF.230519 STD 03481


Police Station :

PS Berhampore 251145 STD 03482  PS Beldanga 264100 STD 03482  PS Burwan 271051 STD 03484
PS Bhagwangola
259224 STD 03483 PS Daulatabad 232027 STD 03481  PS Domkal 230242 STD 03481 
PS Farakka
253242 227233 STD 03485 /03512  PS Islampur 236360 STD 03481 PS Jalangi 235053 STD 03481
PS Jiaganj 
255224 STD 03482   PS Kandi 255451   STD 03484 PS Khargram 220045 STD 03484 
PS  Lalgola
263244 STD    03483 PS Murshidabad 270221 STD 03482   PS Nowda 247238   STD 03482
PS Nabagram
270036 STD 03483  PS Raninagar 238038 STD 03482   PS Rejinagar 241239 STD 03482
PS Ranitala
242244 STD 03483     PS Raghunathganj 266100 STD 03483  PS Salar 273048 STD 03484  
PS Samserganj
STD 265240 STD 03485       PS Sagardighi 268041  STD03483  PS Suti 262460 STD 03485
Berhampore Court Rly.Station 252176 STD 03482  Khagra Rly. Station 252500 STD 03482   


DM (NBSTC)  250594STD 03482


OFF.251165 RES. 252275 STD 03482 S.B.I. 250113 STD 03482  Fire Brigade 253601 STD 03482

Health :

OFF.263482 RES.252009 STD 03482  General Hospital 252332 STD 03482 Sadar Hospital 252039 STD 03482   

251200, 263433


List Of M.L.A Contact :

50 - Farakka Moinul Haque Vill + P.O.  Tildanga P.S. FarakkaDist.  Murshidabad
51 - Aurangabad Touab Ali Vill. Natunbazar, P.O. Dhuliyan,PS.Samserganj,Dist. Murshidabad.
52 - Suti Jane Alam Mian Vill + P.O. Harowa, PS: Suti Dist. Murshidabad. 03483-230233      
53 - Sagardighi (SC) Parikshit Let Vill + P.O. Samsabad,PS.Sagardighi Dist. Murshidabad

54 - Jangipore Abul Hasnat Vill. Hatibandha,P.O. Kalabagh,PS: RaghunathGanj, Dist. Murshidbad. 03483-267202

55 - Lalgola Abu Hena Vill. Uttar Sudarshanganj, P.O.& P.S  Lalgola , Dist. Murshidabad. 03482-251530

56 - Bhagwangola Chand Mohammad Vill. Saiyadpur,PO. Nashipur Balagachi, P.S Ranitala Dist. Murshidabad
57 - Nabagram Mukul Mondal Vill.Daspara,PO.Muhurul Anantapur P.S.Nabagram, Dist. Murshidabad.
58 - Murshidabad Bivas Chakraborty 87 Chandra Sekhar Mukherjee Road P.O. Khagra, PS.Berhampore,Dt. - Murshidabad
59 - Jalangi Unus Sarkar Vill.Hukahara,  P.O. Jaykrishnapur, P.S. Jalangi, Dt.- Murshidabad. 03481-235138
60 - Domkal Anishur Rahaman Vill + P.O. Bilashpur, P.S. Domkal Dist. Murshidabad. 03481-230256
61 - Naoda Abu Taher Khan Vill + P.O. + P.S. Nowda, Dist. Murshidabad. 03482-247500

62 - Hariharpara Insar Ali Biswas Vill.Jhanja, P.O. Protappur, Dist. Murshidabad.

63 - Berhampore Manoj Chakraborty 6,Ramkrishna Bhattacharjee Lane,P.O. +PS. Berhampore, Dist. Murshidabad.

        03482-251188(land) 9732715253(Mobile)
64 - Beldanga Md. Refatullah Vill.+PO.Pulinda P.S. Beldanga, Dist. Murshidabad.
65 - Kandi Apurba Sarkar(David) Vill.Panchgachia P.O.+PS. Kandi, Dist. Murshidabad.
66 - Khargram (SC) Manabendranath Saha Vill. Kanduri,  PO.Eroali,P.S. Khargram, Dist. Murshidabad.
67 – Burwan Biswanath Banerjee 31,Dinabandhu Sanyal Lane,P.O. Khagra,PS.Berhampore,Dist. Murshidabad
68 - Bharatpur Id Mohammad Vill + P.O. + PS: Salar, Dist. Murshidabad 03484-273028




Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury   Indian National Congress 
Constituency: Baharampur (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address:26/1/A Sahid Surya Sen Road, P.O. - Berhampore, 
Distt. Murshidabad-742 101 (W.B.) 
Telephone No. (03482)55501, Fax. (03482) 51375 
Delhi Address:    82, South Avenue, New Delhi - 110 011
Delhi Telephone Nos.(011) 23794920, 9868180498 (M) 




ABHIJIT MUKHERJEE    Indian National Congress 
Constituency: Jangipur (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address:

Telephone No.





Shri Abdul Mannan Hossain  Indian National Congress
Constituency: Murshidabad (West Bengal)
Permanent Address Khagraghat Station Road, P.O. Radharghat, 
P.S. Berhampur, Murshidabad (West Bengal) 
Telephone No. +Fax. (03482) 267756, 9434164134 (M) 
Delhi Address:  76, North Avenue, New Delhi -110 001 
Delhi Telephone Nos.  (011) 23093813, 9868180479 (M)



N.G.Os :

1. District Coordinator Churches Auxiliary for Social Action 79/2/A Madhupur , Berhampore - Murshidabad 03482 263610
2. Secretary,Students Health Home, 20, Bimal Singha Road Berhampore - Murshidabad 03482 254107
3. Secretary ,Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha 51, S.N. Bhattacharya Road, Berhampore - Murshidabad 03482 259961
4. Nodal Officer,District Centre for Rehabilitation of Persons With Disabilities, Berhampore - Murshidabad
5. Secretary,Murshidabad Samaj Kalyan Samity Panchanantala Berhampore - Murshidabad  03482 257256
6. Secretary,Murshidabad Institute of Social Welfare, Education and Rehabilitation 73/1, Pilkhana Raod, Berhampore - Murshidabad

    03482 256272
7. Secretary ,Mirzapur Naba Bharat Mission 95/2, Madhupur Road, Berhampore - Murshidabad  03482 254171, 03482 262052
8. Secretary,Satavisha Social Welfare Society, Aminabazar P.O. Dahapara, Murshidabad. 03483 253504
9. Secretary,Palsa Pally Unnyan Samity Gorora, Nabagram, Murshidabad - 742184 03483 270122 , 270072 (fax)
10. Secretary,Association for Social & Health Advancement (ASHA) BE-135, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700064 033-23595475

11. Secretary ,Suprava Panchashila Mihala Uddyog Samity Station Raod Berhampore – Murshidabad 03482 261801
12. Secretary ,Sevabrata, Sargachi Murshidabad 03482 232212
13. Secretary,Indian Red Cross Society 47/1, Red Cross Road, Berhampore – Murshidabad 03482 256733

14. Programme Officer,Society for Peoples’ Awareness (SPAN) Vivekananda Palli, Chuapur Berhampore –

03482 256761

15. Secretary, Khudiram Pathagar Gorabazar, Berhampore – Murshidabad 03482 254152
Divisional Superintendent, St. John Ambulance Brigade, Murshidabad Division 55, Mechuabazar Road, Berhampore 03482 254152

17. Ms. Sonali Mukherjee ,Regional Manger Terre des homes

18. J. Ramaswamy Jagriti Village- Katna, Kandi 03484 222247

19. Hatimul Islam Kallol, Hariharpara. 03482-230298


Tourist Attractions :

The Hazarduari Palace:

or the palace with a thousand doors is the chief tourist attraction of Murshidabad It has  thousand doors (among which only 900 are real)
and 114 rooms and 8 galleries, built in  European architectural style. The total area of Hazarduari Palace is 41 acres.

Imambara :

The Nizamat Imambara, built in 1847 AD. By Nawab Nazim Mansoor Ali Khan.The Imambara, which is the largest in Bengal, is perhaps
the largest in India.Built by Sir Wasef Ali Mirza, Nawab of Murshidabad. This beautiful Palace was also the residence of Nawab Wasef

Ali Mirza. 

Waseef Manzil :

Built by Nawab Murshid Quli Khan in 1723-24 and it remains one of the most important tourist attractions.

Jahankoshacanon :

It was built in the early 17th century by craftsman Janardan Karmakar of DhakaThe canon is 17.5 ft long and weighs 16,880 lb.,
with a girth of 5 feet at the touch hole end. The diameter of the touch hole is one and a half inches, and that of the orifice is
6 inches.

Jafarganj Cemetery :

 Jafarganj the ruined palace of Mir Jafar This cemetery was built by Mir Jafar, over an area of 3.51 acres.The grave of
Nawab Alivardi Khan, Alivardi's Mother, Siraj-ud-Doula and his wife Lutfannesha and other members of the Nawab family lye here.


Katgola, the palace garden of Raja Dhanpat Singh Dugar and Lakshmipat Singh Dugar and their famous Adinath Temple
were built in 1873, by Harreck Chand

Adinath Temple :

A unique beauty  Jain temple

Moti Jheel :

Moti Jheel is also known as the "Company Bagh"

Nasipur Palace :

The Nasipur Palace was built by Kirti Chand,a descendent of Debi Singh.                                                                 

Footi Mosque :

Unfinished work by Nawab Sarafraz Khan.   


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