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About us

Maya Laxmi Bridhabas located at Thakurpukur, Behala in Kolkata is an old age home which is generally the most commonly referred to option when it comes to considering housing options for senior citizens. A high level of nursing care is available along with an organized, routine of social events and group activities as well as the delivery of meals. A medical practitioner is available to supervise each of the residents’ care and nurses are on-site to administer medications and provide general personal care. We are into this service since 10 years.

Opting for Maya Laxmi Bridhabas is best:

Another great benefit is that we have visiting medical health care professionals and are therefore able to attend to the health and well-being of senior citizens.

It is a great option for a retired person or a couple who wants a low-maintenance residence that is also becomes an asset that can be gifted in a Will. It is located in a seniors-friendly environment that caters to the lifestyle of the retired person. Each apartment is a self-contained home, offering total independence and takes into consideration the health and safety requirements of senior citizens. Unlike nursing homes or most aged care facilities, we offer more privacy and independence. We offer the following convenient facilities;

Choosing us for a family member is one of the most important and delicate things you will ever have to do for your parents. Entrusting a home with the care of one of your loved ones is a difficult process.

About the staff

Good nursing is all about the staff. Happy and well-trained staff all amount to good nursing care. Spend time with the matron and sisters and see how they interact with the staff in charge of the care. There are four main categories of nursing staff; in hierarchical order these are registered nurses, staff nurses, nursing auxiliaries and care workers.