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Jaina Bhagavati Sutra of circa 5th century A.D. mentions that Purulia was one of the 16 Mahajanapadas and was a part of
the country known as Vajra-bhumi in ancient times. However, little is known about Purulia before the East-India Company
obtained the 'Diwani' of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa in 1765. By Regulation XVIIII of 1805, a Jungle Mahals district composed of 23
parganas and mahals including the present Purulia (known as 'Purulia' those days) was formed. By Regulation XIII of 1833 the
Jungle Mahals district was broken up and a new district called Manbhum was constituted with headquarters at Manbazar. The
district was very large in size and included parts of Bankura, Burdwan of present West Bengal and Dhanbad, Dhalbhum,
Saraikela and Kharswan of present states of Jharkhand and Orissa. In 1838 the district headquarters was transferred to
Purulia of today. Since the formation of the district it was withdrawn from regular administration and placed under an officer
called Principal Assistant to the agent to the Governor-General for South-Western Frontier. The title of the officer Principal
Agent was later changed to Deputy Commissioner by Act XX of 1854. Finally in 1956 Manbhum district was partitioned
between Bihar and West Bengal under the States Reorganization Act and the Bihar and West Bengal (Transfer of Territories)
Act 1956 and the present district Purulia was born on 1st November, 1956. Purulia is the westernmost district of West Bengal
with all-India significance because of its tropical location, its shape as well as function like a funnel. It funnels not only the
tropical monsoon current from the Bay to the subtropical parts of north-west India, but also acts as a gateway between the
developed industrial belts of West Bengal and the hinterlands in Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarpradesh. For its
convenient location, this place has acquired an important place in the tourist map in India.



Purulia lies between 22.60 degree and 23.50 degree north latitude and 85.75 degree and 86.65 degree east longitude. The
geographical area of the district is 6259 sq. kms. This district is encircled by Bankura, Midnapore and Burdwan district of
West Bengal and Hazaribag, Singbhum, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Bokaro of Jharkhand state.
The total geographical area of the district is 6259 sq. kms (Census 2001)
Cultivation of this district is predominantly monocropped. About 60 % of the total cultivated land is upland.
Mineral Resources:
Paradoxical, though, it may sound that this industrially backward district is endowed with mineral resources of a wide range
of varieties. According to the findings of GSI there are ten types of mineral deposits in this district. The main ones being
Coal, Limestone, Rock Phosphate, China Clay, Quartz etc. The main mineral resource of the district is Coal.The Purulia district sustained two big Collieries. One is at Ranipur and the other is at Parbelia. Other Coal mines are Deoli and Bhamuria. Other important minerals so far explored and reported are Apatite or Rock Phosphate of Beldi,Panrkidi etc, Limestone of Jhalda, Basemetal of Tamakhun, China clay of Mahatomara, Fire clay of Malti, Quartz of mirmi, Siliminate of Paharpur, Decorative Stone of Bero, Dhunia etc.


The main rivers passing through or bordering the district are Kangsabati,Kumari,Darakeswar, Subarnarekha due to undulated
topography nearly 50% of the rainfall flows away as run off. The district is covered by mostly residual soils formed by
weathering of bed rocks. Rupnarayan (Kangsabati/Kansai) river rises as the Dhaleswari (Dhalkisor) in the Chota Nagpur
plateau foothills northeast of Purulia town and follows a tortuous southeasterly course past the town of Bankura, where it is
known as the Dwarkeswar. It is joined by the Silai near the town of Ghatal, where it takes the name Rupnarayan. The river
then joins the Hooghly after completing a 150-mile (240-kilometre) course. The Rupnarayan originally formed a western exit of the Ganges and is important for its irrigation potential. It is tidal through its entire course and constitutes a principal danger to navigation of the Hooghly because it forces that river to deposit silt upon dangerous shoals.
Administrative Units:
The district headquarter is situated at Purulia town having three administrative subdivisions namely Sadar East, Sadar West and Raghunathpur. There are 20 Police Stations, 20 Development Blocks, 3 Municipalities, 170 Gram Panchayet and 2459 inhabited villages.


Fairs and Festivals:
Shiber Gajan -- Held from middle of March to May end, in rural areas. Also popularly called Bhagta Parab, Chait Parab, Chhow Parab, Charak Puja, Gajan.                                                                                                                                
Disum sendra-- Hunting festival of Santhals in Ajodhya Hill areas on Baishakhi Purnima. Also known as Shikar Parab. Dharma Thakurer Puja -O-Mela-- From 15 April to 15 May. Images in various shape and form are visible in various parts of thedistrict.
Rohini Utsav--
On 13 Jaistha (28/29 May). Cultivators sow seeds and celebrate.
Erohk Sim-- In Asarh (15 June to 15 July)-seed sowing festival of Santhals Batauli-Similar festival of Mundas Manasa Pooja-- On last day of Shraban(15/16 August)
Karam Parab--
After completion of paddy cultivation                                                                                                Chata Parab-- Kings and rich landlords used to patronize the festival. Popular at Ind (Barabazar PS), Chkaltor and Bangabari(PS Purulia Mfs.),celebrated throughout the night with dance and songs .
Bhadu-- Celebration of Aus paddy harvesting in the month of Bhadra. H.H. Risly in his Tribes and Castes of Bengal referred to Bhadu as goddess, popular among Bagdis and Bouris in Bamkura, Purulia(Manbhum) districts.
Jita Asthami-- Held 12 days after Ind Parab, meant for would-be-mothers.
Bandhna Parab-- Held after Kalipuja. Popular among Kurmi, Bhumij, Korha, Lodha communities. To Santhals and Mundas this is known as Sohray.                                                                                                                                            Jathel Utsav-- Popular among Santhals held during Agrahayan (15 Nov. To 15 Dec.)                                             Raasmela-- Raas Utsav is observed to celebrate the meeting of Lord Krishna with Shri Radhika and her other companions during Agrahayan Purnima. This Utsav is celebrated in Purulia town with pomp and grandeur.
Tushu-- Rural women perform Tushu Puja lately with images. Tushu songs relate to joy, sorrow, imagination, experience of villagers.                                                                                                                                                       Bhansingh Pooja-O -Parab-- There is no image of Bhansingh who is regarded as God to protect cattle, held during month of Magh(15 January to 15 February).
Akhan Jatra-- First day of Magh is regarded as Akhan Jatra, believed as auspicious day.                                               Chandi Pooja-- Khelai Chandi Pooja held during month of Magh. Popular fair is associated with Pooja.
Magh Sim-- Popular festivals for Santhals, held during month of Magh.                                                             
Baha-- Spring festival for Santhals which is known as Sarjan Baha or Sarhool to Mundas. Nightlong song and dance is associated with the celebration.                                                                                                                Bhejabindha-- In Bhejabindha archery and Murgi Larhai (cock fight) is a part of festival. The defeated cocks become the property of the owner of the wining cock. Popular among santhals.                                                                               These apart, Id - Ul - Fitr, Biswa Karma Puja, Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, Kali Puja, Christmas and Saraswati Puja are held throughout the district with pomp and gaiety. For More Log On www.purulia.gov.in/culture/chau.html www.purulia.gov.in/culture/fairs_festivals.html


Important Telephone Numbers:
Administration, Purulia
District Magistrate
Office 03252-222302 Res. 03252-222301 Fax 03252-222490
Additional District Magistrate( G) Office 03252-222120 Res. 03252-222622
Additional District Magistrate (D)
Office 03252-223141 Res.03252-223259                                                               S.D.O. (East) Office 03252-223266 S.D.O. (West) Office 03252-223263 Res. 03252-223229
District Planning Officer 03252-222169 O/c, Election 03252-222003  
Senior Deputy Collector Office
03252-222606 Res. 03252-224944 Nezarat Additional District Relief Officer 03252-223271
Deputy collector 03252-223675 District Panchayet & Rural Dev. Officer 03252-222695 
G.M, S.C. & S.T. Finance Corporation
03252-222901 District Programme Officer, I.C.D.S. 03252-223278 
District Social Welfare Officer 03252-223278 R.T.O. 03252-222186 Project Director, D.R.D.C. 03252-222294 / 574        District Controller, F & S 03252-222213 Treasury Officer 03252-222132 District Youth Officer 03252-224742                District Land & Land Acquisition Officer 03252-223120 / 259 D.C.F.S, Purulia 03252-222213                                          Deputy Distrit Land & Land Acquisition Officer 03252-222554 Project Officer, Backward Class Welfare Deptt 03252-222453 District Youth Officer 03252-224742 District Employment Exchange Officer, Purulia 03252-222118
The G.M, District Industries Centre
Purulia Zilla Parishad
Sabhadhipati, Purulia Zilla Parishad
Office 03252-222255 Res. 03252-222358
Additional Executive Officer, Purulia Zilla Parishad
Office 03252-222537 Res.03252-226556
Secretary, Purulia Zilla Parishad
Office 03252-226045 Res.03252-228363
Deputy Secretary, Purulia Zilla Parishad Office 03252-222537 Res. 03252-224792
District Engineer, Purulia
Office 03252-226030
DIO, National Informatics Centre 03252-222741 
0/C N.R.D.M.S. 03252-223580
District Information & Cultural Officer Telefax > 03252-222452
 District Statistics Officer 03252-222128
District Science Officer 03252-222688  Sub Division Information & Cultural Officer, Raghunathpur Telefax > 03251-256111 District Library Officer


Govt. Offices                                                                                                                                                  Chairman, Purulia Municipality 03252-222409 District Inspector of Schools (Secondary) 03252-222438                        District Inspector of Schools (Primary)
03252-222970 Divisional Forest Officer, Purulia Division 03252-222329
Divisional Forest Officer, Kangsaboti I 03252-222231 Divisional Forest Officer, Kangsaboti II 03252-222604
Execu Engineer,PWD,Purulia Division 03252-222371 Execu Engineer,Irrigation,Purulia Division 03252-222407
Execu Executive Engineer, Construction (Irrigation), Purulia 03252-222685
Executive Engineer, Planning & Investigation, Purulia 03252-222877
Executive Engineer, PWD (Roads), Purulia 03252-223104Executive Engineer, PHE (Drillings), Purulia Division 03252-222402 Executive Engineer,Agri Irrigation, Purulia Division
03252-222482 Executive Engineer,
Agri Mech, Purulia Division 03252-223463  Asst Deputy Director, Veternary Deptt, Purulia 03252-222514
Assistant Director of Sericulture 03252-224305  Assistant Director Poultry Farm, Purulia 03252-222752                  Superintendent, Ananda Math, Purulia 03252-22463   Principal Agriculture Officer, Purulia 03252-222344                        Commercial Tax Officer, (Range Officer), Purulia 03252-225179
The Judiciary District & Session Judge, Purulia 03252-222339 / 03252-224264                                                            Additional District & Session Judge I, Purulia 03252-222406 Additional District & Session Judge II, Purulia 03252-222804 Additional District & Session Judge III, Purulia
03252-225935                                                                                   Additional District & Session Judge (FTC - I), Purulia 03252-280646 Chief Judicial Magistrate 03252-222571                      Registrar, Civil Court 03252-222563

Raghunathpur Sub Division:
Sub Divisional Officer, Raghunathpur Office 03251-255270Res. 03251-255234
Sub Divisional Police Officer, Raghunathpur Office 03251-255338Res. 03251-244503
Sub Divisional Information & Cultural Officer, Raghunathpur Telefax > 03251-256111
Sub Divisional Hospital, Raghunathpur 03251-255208
Fire Brigade

Educational Institutions College:
*J.K. College, Purulia *Nistarini College, Purulia *J.B.T College, Purulia *B-Ed College, Purulia School *Govt. Girls High School *Santamoyee Girls High School *Chittaranjan Girls High School *Kasturba Girls High School *Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapith *Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapith *Sainik School, Purulia *Purulia Zilla High School *Manbhum Victoria High School *Chittaranjan Boys' High School *M.M. High School *Rajasthan Vidyapith *Netaji Vidyapith *Rishi Aravindo Shishu Vidya Pith *Holy Child High School *St. Xavier High School *Assembly of God Church High Schoo *lShishu Sixa Kendra, Purulia *Mono Vikas Kendra, Purulia *Deaf & Dumb School, Purulia *Ramkrishana Mission, Purulia *Rose Milo School, Purulia *Morning Glory School *Bal Bharati School, Purulia *Ramkrishna Tarak Math High School *Girish Vidyapith, Purulia *D.A.V. School, Purulia *Blind School, Purulia


Superintendent of Police, Purulia Office 03252-222304 Res 03252-222303
Additional Superintendent of Police, Office 03252-223211 Res 03252-223212
Deputy Superintendent of Police, D & T, 03252-223212
Deputy Superintendent of Police, D.E.B, 03252-223215
Deputy Superintendent of Police, Head Quarter 03252-223208 Deputy Superintendent of Police, D.I.B, 03252-223203

Circle Inspector, Sadar 03252-223888 O.C. Watch, Purulia
03252-223205 O.C. Purulia Thana (Mufassil) 03252-223202
The Reserve Inspector of Police, Belguma,

Police Station:
Purulia (T)
03252 - 223202 Purulia (M) 03252 - 223205 Hura 03252 - 240229 Puncha 03253- 259236 
03253 - 257262 Manbazar 1 03253 - 255237 Manbazar 2 03253 - 252245 Arsa 03254 - 280190  
Joypur 03254 - 256221
Jhalda 1 03254 - 255233 Jhalda 2 03254 - 255233 Balarampur 03252 -244221  
Barabazar 03253 - 258235 Bagmundi
03252 - 250240 Kashipur 03251 - 246222 Neturia 03251 - 252340
Santuri 03251 - 250240 Raghunathpur 1
03251 - 255231
Railway Enquiry, Purulia 03252-222005 Railway Enquiry, Adra 03251-244213
Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital Casualty 03252-222200 Superintendent 03252-222474 Blood Bank 03252-222480        
Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit 03252-222433
CMOH Office 03252-222480
Important Contact Numbers S.E. Railway Hospital, Adra Casualty
03251-245521 CMS Office 03251-244241                      Senior D.M.O. 03251-245928,9434304461 C.M.S. 9434065727
Ambulance Facility 
At Purulia District Indian Red Cross Society WB37/2377 Contact Person K.P. Singh Deo Driver Md Harfed at Sadar Hospital WB55/1978 Contact Person Hemanta Mahato
Purulia Municipality WB55/3036 Contact Person Chairman/Dr. Jha
223-688 / 222-409 ; 9434015466   
Vanus (Oxygen facility available) WB56/2810 Contact Person Secretary, Vanus
Rotary Club of Purulia WB55/2534 233-620/ 229-474
Bharat Sevashram Sangha WB55/3464 WB55/3279 Contact Person Anup Maharaj 222-056                                         Ramkrishna Memorial Society Contact Person Shantiram Mahato, MLA, Joypur 223-966 /226-578
Deben Mahato Memorial Society Contact Person Nepal Mahato, MLA, Jhalda 03254-255700
Marwari Yuba Sangha, Jhalda Contact Life Medical,                                                                                                   Jhalda Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapith Purulia 224-408 /224-409




Dr. Mriganko Mahato TMC
Constituency: Purulia (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address:



Administration(Block Level):
Purulia 1 BDO
03252 - 222893 Savapati 03252 -224490 Purulia 2 BDO 03252 - 222790 Savapati 03252 -222476  
Hura- BDO 03252 240223 Savapati 03252- 240249 Puncha BDO 03253- 259207 Savapati 03253 - 259206
Manbazar 1 BDO
03253 - 255209 Savapati 03253 - 255207 Manbazar 2 BDO 03253 - 284251
Bandwan BDO
03253 - 257202 Savapati 03253 - 257203 Arsa BDO 03254 - 258017 Joypur BDO 03254 - 252231 
03254 - 252233  Jhalda 1 BDO 03254 - 255261 Savapati 03254 - 255261 Jhalda 2 BDO 03254 - 260555
03254 - 260555  Balarampur BDO 03252 -244255 Savapati 03252 - 244223 Barabazar BDO 03253 - 258224
Savapati 03253 - 258542  Bagmundi BDO 03252 - 250207 Savapati 03252 - 250215 Kashipur BDO 03251 - 246238
03251 - 246223  Neturia BDO 03251 - 264050 Santuri BDO 03251 - 250230 Savapati 03251 - 250230 Raghunathpur 1 BDO 03251 - 255278 Savapati 03251 - 255279 Raghunathpur 2 BDO 03251 - 262222
Savapati 03251 - 262222 Para BDO
03251 - 266234   Savapati 03251 - 266660 Santaldih 03251 - 260235 
03251 - 266330 Kenda 03252 - 284279

Tourist spots:
*Ayodhya Hill *Turga & Bamni Falls (Bagmundi) *P.P.S.P. Hydel Project,*Charida *Suisa Museum *Pakhi Pahar *Duasini *Kashipur RajBari *Panchet Dam *Cheliyama/ Banda Temple *Deulbhita


Temple Relice:
*Gajpur *Surulia Deer Park *Duasini /Quilapal Forest Accommodation(Govt.) Yuba Awas,PRL Booking Authority Directorate of Youth Services,32/BBD Bag South Standard Buildings, II Flr, Kol-1, Tel. 2248-0626/3744/22109206 Irrigation Bunglow, Purulia Booking Authority Ex. Eng, Irrigation Div.Prl 03252-222720 Murguma Booking Authority Ex. Eng, Irrigation Div.Prl 03252-222720 Bagmundi Booking Authority Ex. Eng, Irrigation Div.Prl 03252-222720 Ayodhya Booking Authority DFO, Purulia Div.Purulia 03252-222-329 Matha Booking Authority DFO, Purulia Div.Purulia 03252-222-329
Balarampur Booking Authority DFO, Purulia Div.Purulia 03252-222-329
Kashipur Booking Authority DFO, Kangsabati Soil Con. Div. IPurulia 03252-222231
Surulia Deer Park Booking Authority DFO, Kangsabati Soil Con. Div. IPurulia 03252-222231
Garh Panchakot Booking Authority DFO, Kangsabati Soil Con. Div. IPurulia 03252-222231
Bandoyan Booking Authority DFO, Kangsabati Soil Con. Div. II 03252-222604
Quilapal Booking Authority DFO, Kangsabati Soil Con. Div. II 03252-222604
Duarsini Eco Tourism Centre Booking Authority M.D, Forest FDC Ltd, 6 Raja Subodh Mallik Square, 7th Flr, Kol- 13, Ayodhya Booking Authority WB CADC, Nilkuthidanga, Purulia 03252-225726 Kumari Kanan Booking Authority WB CADC, Nilkuthidanga, Purulia 03252-225726

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