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Settled among the rich green slopes and Forest of Sillerygaon, quiet and tranquil setting in the lap of nature a long way from the buzzing about of city life.Wherefrom the superb perspective on Mount Kanchendzongha and its reach are rewardly knowledgeable about the impacts of shading attributable to scattering of light. Admist many transcending mountains where mystical fogs like heavenly mythical serpent ascend from the profound timberlands, here the earth is an up-kid paradise.

Sillerygaon located in a generally excellent situation from where numerous well known and unique objections can be shrouded in and around West Bengal and Sikkim. For short outing, strolling, light traveling you have choice for Ramitey View Point (for in a real sense stunning perspective on Mount Kanchendzongha reach and 14 turns of stream Teesta). Tinchule View Point (awesome see purpose of mountains and valleys).Damsang Fort (the fortification of last Lepcha King. Again an awesome spot to visit, in transit towards the stronghold one can encounter some great perspectives on mountains and connecting woods ). thirteenth extremely old Gompha close to the Mahar regiment base at Pedong with Mummies of profound pioneers.

Distance from Sillerygaon

Bagdogra – 102 Kms.

Reshikhola – 21 Kms.

Njp – 99 Kms.

Rhenock – 27 Kms.

Siliguri – 92 Kms.

Rongli – 42 Kms.

Darjeeling – 79 Kms.

Gangtok – 96 Kms.

Kalingpong – 25 Kms.

Zuluk – 75 Kms.

Lava -25 Kms.

Pedong – 06 Kms.

The most elegant resort in Sillerygaon at tthe best location amidst 180* view of Mt.Kanchanjung and its range from the lush green valley of Sillerygaon Retreat.

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