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South 24 Parganas district is an important district of West Bengal State with its district headquarters in Alipore. It has the urban fringe of Kolkata on one side and the remote riverine villages in the Sundarbans.Agriculture, Industry and Pisciculture are all at their peak in the district. Sundarbans, formerly Sunderbunds, is a vast tract of forest and saltwater swamp forming the lower part of the Ganges Delta, extending about 160 miles (260 km) along the Bay of Bengal from the Hooghly River Estuary (India) to the Meghna River Estuary in Bangladesh. The whole tract reaches inland for 60-80 miles (100-130 km).A network of estuaries, tidal rivers, and creeks intersected by numerous channels, it encloses flat, marshy islands covered with dense forests. The name Sundarbans is perhaps derived from the term meaning "forest of sundari," a reference to the large mangrove tree that provides valuable fuel. Along the coast the forest passes into a mangrove swamp; the southern region, with numerous wild animals and crocodile-infested estuaries, is virtually uninhabited. It is one of the last preserves of the Bengal tiger and the site of a tiger preservation project. The cultivated northern area yields rice, sugarcane, timber, and betel nuts.The region is also famous for some commonly domesticated livestock breeds which includes the Garole breed of sheep and Chinae hans or Muscuovy ducks, the Garole sheep is considered as the progenator of the Booroola merino sheep and is noted for its prolific character. However, the wool of the sheep which can be a valuable natural asset does not find any use among the natives.Bakkhali beach resort located on one of the islands jutting out into the Bay of Bengal is gaining in popularity, with improvements in transport links with Kolkata.
Geographical Location Area Latitude North 20´20" South 22'06" Longitude. East 88'20"West 88'60" Area in Sq.Km.
Total 8165.05

District at a Glance

General Information About The District

*Total number of blocks 29
*Total number of Gram Panchayat 312
*Total number of Municipalities 7 (consisting of 150 wards)
*Number of Sundarban blocks 13
(*Sagore, *Namkhana, *Kakdwip, *Patharpratima, *Kultali, *Mathurapur-I, *Mathurapur-II, *Joynagar-I, *Joynagar-II, *Canning-I, *Canning-II, *Basanti, *Gosaba).
*No. of Island in the District 37
*No of Police Stations 33


Administrative Structure                                                                                                                                                       
          No. of Sub-Division: 5 No. of Blocks: 29 No of Municipality: 7

Sub-division Alipore (Sadar)
Blocks-Bishnupur-I, Bishnupur-II, Budge Budge-I, Budge Budge-II & T/Maheshtala Municipality: Budge Budge, Pujali, Maheshtala.

Sub-division Baruipur
Blocks- Baruipur, Bhagore-I, Bhagore-II, Joynagar-I, Joynagar-II, Kultali & Sonarpur. Municipality: Baruipur, Rajpur Sonarpur, Joynagar Majilpur.

Sub-division Diamond Harbour
Blocks-D\Harbour-I, D\Harbour-II, Falta, Kulpi, Mograhat-I, Mograhat-II, Mandirbazar, Mathurapur-I & Mathurapur-II.
Municipality: Diamond Harbour.

Sub-division Kakdwip
Blocks-Kakdwip, Namkhana, Patharpratima & Sagar.

Sub-division Canning
Blocks Basanti, canning-I, Canning-II & Gosaba.

Educational Institutions
*Number of Primary School 3584 *Number of Sishu Siksha Kendra 1424 *Number of Junior High 196 *No. of Junior High Madrasa 15*Number of Secondary School 386 *No. of High Madrasa 23*Number of Senior Madrasa 12 *Number of Higher Secondary School 171*Number of Degree Collage 20 *No. of Technical Institute 3*Number of University 1 [Jadavpur University



Diamond Harbour  

Abhishek Bandyopadhyay All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Diamond Harbour (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address: 30B, Harish Chatterjee Street, Calcutta, India 700026
Email ids: abhishek.aity@gmail.com, abhishek@aitmc.org





Sugata Bose   All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Jadavpur (West Bengal)
Permanent Address

Email ids:





Pratima Naskar All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Joynagar (SC) (West Bengal)  
Permanent Address :
Telephone No.





CM Jatua   All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Mathurapur (SC) (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address Vill. Swetha Pukria, P.O. Nayabad, 
Rajpur, PS Mathurapur,South 24-Parganas,West Bengal 
Telephone No. (033) 23580641
Delhi Address:  Room No. 606, Banga Bhawan, New Delhi 
Delhi Telephone No.  (011) 23329730, 23721996 ,9013180260 (M)



Shri.Jayanta Naskar (AITC)
Vill.Bagulakhali, P.O.Chunakhali P.S.Basanti 
District:South Parganas

Shri.Subhas Naskar (RSP)
Vill. & P.O. Kumrakhali  District:South Parganas

Shri.Ramsankar Halder (CPI(M))  
Vill. & P.O. Chuprijhar District:South Parganas

Shri.Samir Kumar Jana (AITC)
Vill. Pachim Sridharpur Post : Gurudaspur
District:South Parganas

Shri.Manturam Pakhira (AITC)
Vill. & P.O. Bamanagar District:South Parganas

Shri.Bankim Chandra Hazra (AITC)
Vill. & P.O. Bamanagar District:South Parganas

Shri.Jogoranjan Halder (AITC)
Vill. & P.O. Bamanagar District:South Parganas

Smt.Debasree Roy (AITC)
138, Sarot Bose Road,Kolkata

Shri.Jaydeb Halder (AITC)
Vill. & P.O. Dhanyaghata District:South Parganas

Shri.Tarun Kanti Naskar(SUCI)
Vill. Joychanditala P.O-Joynagar-Mazilpur,P.S-Joynagar District:South Parganas

Shri.Nirmal Chandra Mandal (AITC)
Vill. Garal P.O.: PRATAPNAGAR District:South Parganas

Shri.Shyamal Mondal (AITC)
Vill. & P.O. Kalikapur District:South Parganas

Shri.Abdur Razzak Molla(CPI(M)) 
Vill.Bankri, P.O.Chandaneswar District:South Parganas

Shri.Biman Banerjee (AITC) 
J-553, Paharpur Road,Kolkata

Smt.Namita Saha (AITC) 
Baniberia,P.O.Multi P.S.Magrahat Dist:South Parganas

Shri.Giasuddin Molla (AITC) 
Vill.Ajodhya Nagar,P.O.Shirakole,Dist:South Parganas

Shri.Dipak Kumar Halder (AITC) 
Vill+P.O,Abdalpur,P.S.Diamond Harbour
District:South Parganas

Shri.Tamonash Ghosh (AITC) 
29-A,Harish Chatterajee Street,Kolkata

Smt.Sonali Guha (AITC) 

Shri.Dilip Mondal (AITC) 
Village Daulatpur,P.O.Pailanhat,P.S. Bishnupur
District:South Parganas

Shri.Jiban Mukhopadhyay (AITC) 
VibekanandaPally.P.O,P.S.Sonapur Dist:South Parganas

Shri.Badal Jamadar (CPI(M)) 
Vill-Kashipur,Uttar Kashipur,P.S.Kashipur 
Dist:South Parganas

Shri.Ahmed Javed Khan (AITC) 
2goldam Jalani Khan Road Kolkata700039

Shri.Manish Gupta (AITC) 
Suren Tagore Road Kolkata

Smt.Firdousi Begum (AITC) 
Village-Uttar Kumrakhali,P.O.Narendrapur
Dist:South Parganas

Shri.Aroop Biswas (AITC) 
0/5bankim Mukherjee Sarani Block L New Alipore Kolkata

Shri.Sovan Chatterjee (AITC) 
36,Maharani Indira Devi Road,P.S.Behala Kolkata

Shri.Partha Chatterjee (AITC) 
9/4A,Khanpur Road Kolkata

Smt.Kasturi Das  (AITC) 
Santhosh Govt Colony, Block "A"Maheshtala,Kolkata

Smt.Mamtaj Begam (AITC) 
Resi. Y-2/57, Kanthalberia Road,Kolkata


Telephone Directory

District Magistrate 2479-3713,24791774, 2479-3456 (Fax) 9830033355
Addl.District Magistrate (G) 2479-1469479-1694 (Fax) 9433033355
Addl.District Magistrate (R) 2479-1233 9433021683 Addl.District Magistrate (J) 2479-9442 9433021684
Addl.District Magistrate (LR) 2479-2196, 2479-1448 9433021682                                                                           Addl.District Magistrate (Dev & ZP) 2479-10962448-1602 9830014352
                                                            Addl.District Magistrate (LA) 2479-1215 9433033356

Sub-Divisional Officers
SDO (Sadar) 2479-1681,2439-9829 9433021681  SDO, D/H. 9174-255222, 9174-2555099174-255650
SDO, Kakdwip 952310-255200, 953210-256607 ,953210-255640, 953210-255641, 953210-255696 (Fax)
SDO,Canning 953218-255340,953218-255300(Fax)
SDO,Baruipur 2433-8579,2433-8914,2433-1081(Fax)
Other Officers of the District                                                                                                                                                         
Dy.DLLRO, 2479-2196 Addl.LAO, 2479-0182,2448-3945,2448-3946  O/C Tank Improvement 2479-1205                              2nd Officer,Alipore(Sadar) Sub-Division & ULCO 2479-2131,2479-4681 Sr.D.C.Alipore 2439-9248
O/C Registration, O/CVR 2479-1451,Ext.-221 Addl.LAO 2479-0182,2448-3945,2448-3946
RTO,Alipore 2479-1943 O/C Election 2479-1049
DPD,DRDC 2479-0201,2479-2242 DPRDO 2479-1011
ADC, Civil Defence 2479-1084,2479-1113 O/C J.M. 2479-1451 Ext.237
Spl.LAO 2479-0182,2448-3945,2448-3946 Executive Magistrate 2449-9200 Ext.265
Secretary, Zilla Parishad 2439-8016 O/C Literacy 2479-1099
Dy.Director, Small Savings. 2479-2440 NDC, Dy. Magistrate, Alipore (Sadar) 2479-1681
OC,Pool 2448-3086 Dy.Secretary-II ZP 2479-0182,2448-3945,2448-3946
DPD,DRDC 2479-0201,2479-2242 Dist.Manager,SC/ST Fin.Corp. 2479-2067
O/C Certificate 2479-1451 Ext.-271 NDC 2479-3531 DPO Backward Class 2479-1205
Dist.Palnning Officer 2479-1450 Dist.Youth Officer 0464-4112                                                                                                    
Treasury Officers & Addl. Treasury Officers
TO-I 2479-1638 Addl.TO-I 2479-1638 TO-II 2479-9768 TO-Diamond Harbour 9174-56168                                           TO- Baruipur 953210-55460 TO-Kakdwip 2433-8221 TO -Canning 9118-55295
District Relief Officer and SDROs
DRO 22439-9247 SDRO,Alipur (sadar) 22479-1681 SDRO,Baruipur 22433-8914 SDRO,Diamond Harbour 99174-55513 SDRO,Canning 99118-55340 SDRO,Kakdwip 9953210-5


Block Development Officers

BDO, Budge Budge-I 2482-1697 BDO-Budge Budge-II 2470-0111 BDO, Bishnupur-I 2470-9567                                  BDO-Bishnupur-II 2495-8111 BDO-T.Maheshtala 2447-4144 BDO-Baruipur 2433-8221
BDO-Joynagar-I 953218-220247 BDO-Joynagar-II 953218-226006 BDO- Bhangore-I 953218-270221
BDO-Sonarpur 2477-9488 BDO-Bhangore-II 953218-270215 BDO-Kultali 953218-24811
BDO-Gosaba 953218-236566 BDO-Canning-I 953218-255205 BDO-Canning-II 953218-265017
BDO-Basanti 953218-232231 BDO-Diamond Harbour-I 953174-255219                                                              
         BDO-Diamond Harbour-II 953174-244224 BDO-Falta 953174-225318   BDO-Magrahat-I 953174-250209                         BDO-Nagrahat-II 953174-252235  BDOMandirbazar 953174-260236    BDO-Mathurapur-I 953174-224537
BDO-Mathurapur-II 953174-262403 BDO-Kulpi 953174-266241  BDO-Kakdwip 953210-255110                                      BDO-Namkhana 953210-244220,953210-244333  BDO-Patharpratima 953210-265222,953210-265256                         BDO-Sagar 953210-242573
Superintendent of Police and Additional Superintendents of Police, 
South 24 Parganas Control Room: 2479-1311-15  Superintendent of Police 2479-3333 Addl.S.P(HQ) 2479-1052  Addl.SP(SI) 2479-1571/109 Addl.S.P(SR) 2479-1328  Addl.S.P(DIB) 2448-3722,2479-1311(Fax)
Dy. Superintendent of Police
Dy.S.P (IND) 2490-9186 Dy.S.P (D&T) 2479-1311/114   Dy.S.P (ADMN) 2479-1311/113 Dy.S.P (CRIME) 2441-2037
Dy.S.P (A.P) 2479-1311/112 Dy.S.P (DIB) 2448-3721  Dy.S.P (DEB) 2448-3721 Dy.S.P (Town) 2483-1653

Sub-Divisional Police Officers

SDPO-Baruipur 2433-8922 SDPO-Canning 953218-285398
SDPO-D.Harbour 953174-255221                                          SDPO-Kakdwip 953210-256535
C.I. of Police
C.I.,D.Harbour 953174-256375 C.I., Mandirbazar 953174-255278  
C.I.,Kakdwip 953210-255180                                   C.I.,Baruipur 2433-8227  C.I.,Sonarpur 2480-8100   C.I.,Canning 953218-55266   C.I.,Maheshtala 2490-1725


Police Station
Baruipur PS 2433-8222 Basanti PS 953218-232238 Behala PS 2478-7350/2457-2969 Bhangore PS 953218-270490     Bishnupur PS 2470-9245 Budge Budge PS 2482-1215  Canning PS 953218-255221 D.Harbour PS 953174-255223            Falta PS 953174-222320  Gosaba PS 953218-236511 Jadavpur PS 2473-0146 Joynagar PS 953218-220203
Kakdwip PS 953210-255020 Kasba PS 2442-0164/2441-1592 Kulpi PS 953174-266222                                      Kultali PS Leather Complex 95318-278500 Maheshtala PS 2490-6437  Mandirbazar PS 953174-260470                            Mathurapur PS 953218-224501 Metiabruz PS 2469-5317  Magrahat PS 953174-252244 Namkhana PS 953210-226200 Nodakhali PS 2470-0133  Patharpratima PS 953210-267211 Purba Jadavpur PS 2426-7345,2426-0322
Raidighi PS 953174-262426 Regent Park PS 2471-1783,2481-3162 Sagar PS 953210-242555                              Sonarpur PS 2434-9296/4775 Thakurpukur PS 2467-5680 Tiljala PS 2343-4693/0344-8787 Usthi PS 953174-250203
Police Stations & Investigating Centres (Alphabetically) of South 24Parganas (W.B. Police)
Parama Investigation Centre 0344-0500   Falta Investigating Centre 9174-22246
Baishnabghata Patuli Investigating Centre 2462-6515   Zinzira Bazar Investigating Centre 2401-0027
Sursuna Investigating Centre 2452-1630
Police Out Posts of South 24 Parganas, (West Bengal Police)
Budge Budge O.P. 2470-1233   Bartola O.P. 2469-5431   Nadial O.P. 2469-5187  Barisha O.P 2446-7594               Sahapur O.P 2400-5828  Birlapur O.P 2420-9002
Keorapukur O.P 2402-4664   Garia T.O.P 2430-4125 Rajpur T.O.P 2477-9424
Nimpith 95318-226008

Police (Others)

DIO-I,DIB 2448-3721 9830072483 Court Inspector,Alipore 2448-1307  R.I.,HQ 2479-1311 Ext.151 9830072489         Presidency Jail 2479-1854  Alipore Central Jail 2479-1053
Information & Culture (DICO, SDICO & Field Officers)
DICO, South 24 parganas. 2479-3585 SDICO, Alipore (Sadar) 2479-3586  SDICO,Baruipur 2433-4715                     SDICO, Diamond Harbour 953174-255241  SDICO, Canning 953218-56512                                                              SDICO,Kakdwip (Spl. Dist. Information Officer.) 953210-55218
S.E.Eastern Circle, P.W.D. 26-8173/ 8103 EE, PWD Alipore Div -1 2252-4096 AE, PWD, Chetla Sub- Division 2479-1609     EE, PWD Alipore Div-II 9174-55 9830138828

E.E. PWD (Roads)                                                                                                                                       
Barasat Highway Div. 2337-2653  EE,PWD,CMDA Div-I 2220-6658  EE, PWD,CMDA, Div-II 2220-5035 9830140004             EE, PWD (Elec) 24 Pgs. South Div. 2284-3551 9830075881   
P.W.D. (Electrical)
EE, PWD (Elec) Sundarban Elec Div. 2449-1391 9830133169 AE, PWD (ELEC) 2439-9826
P.W.D. (Roads)
EE, PWD (Roads) 24 Parganas Highway 2439-8387 
EE, PWD, (Roads) Diamond Harbour Highway Div. 9174-55-294 9830178964
EE,PWD, Roads (Mech) 2479-8590


SE, PHE (Mech Circle - I) 2237-5384 Fax-236-7531 S.E., PHE (Eastern Circle) 2215-1572
EE,PHE Alipore Division. 2236-5489 9830053598  EE, PHE (Mech Div) 2439-9763 Fax-439-8012                                    Asstt. Eng., Kakdwip Div. 953210-55640
Irrigation & Waterways
SE, EC 252-1790, 8289 SE, GCDC [Greater Calcutta Drainage Circle] 2334-0017
SE, MDC 2334-3916 SE, MEC 2321-8430 EE, Canals 2252-1811
EE, Joynagar 2252-2887 EE, Kakdwip 2479-1687 EE, Mograhat 2358-6035

Place of Interest

Ganga Sagar                                                                                                                                                                                        Most of the year the place is one serene spots you can think of : windblown, absolutely quite, with sweeping views of the mighty Ganga ending its journey into the sea, and a lovely island they call Sagardwip. But come mid-january( the last day of the month of Pous in the Bengali Calendar), divinitity seems to descend from the blue sky overhead on to the waters and the beach at Sagardwip. Millions of pilgrims and devotees from all over india come to take a dip in the freezing waters here to cleanse all sins away and offer worship at the temple of Kapil Muni. A huge and colourful fair takes place on this occasion- aptly names Sagar Mela - which is held once a year during Makar Sankranti.
To come to "Sagar: take a bus from Kolkata to Lot 8/ Harwood point, cross on the ferry and baord another bus to Sagar.
Accommodation has to organised in advance. You have a choice of tourist hostels, cottages, tents, youth hostels etc.
Beauty meets divinity
Kapila Muni Asram


The home of Royal Bengal Tigers. A 'World heritage site' . The world's largest estuarine forest - one of the very few in the world still having its flora and fauna intact, a remarkable feature being the bayonet like roots of mangrove forests sticking out above the water levels.
Conducted launch trips organised by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation or private vessels from Canning, Basanti, Gosaba or Basanti.                                                                                                                        
           Tourist Lodges at Sajnekhali, Bakkhali, Gangasagar.
BakKhali & Frasergunj
Where you are a Royal Guest....
Go shell-picking, watch fishermen come in with their silvery catch. Glory in the sun leaping up like a fiery ball from the depth of the sea. Experience darkness descending like a curtain, with a velvely sky arching over your head, and catch the phosphorescent gleam of the rolling waves. The casuarina groves are thick, quite and full of romance.
It's only 132 km. by road from Kolkata. Take a 3-hour bus-ride to Namkhana. Hop on to the ferry to cross Hatania-Doania riverwith the vehicle that takes about an hour to reach Bakkhali / Frasergunj. Nearest Airport - NSC Bose international Airport, Kolkata.
There is a comfortable Tourist Lodge and very economic dormitory accomodation. A village canteen can give you good, home type food. Apart from these, private hotels are also available,
Bakkhali Tourist Lodge : Phone - 03210-44284.
the twin attraction


Some Major Industries of the District

" ACC Ltd.
" Bala Techno Synthetics Ltd.
" Bharat Margarine Ltd.
" Bhartia Steel Ltd
" Dabur India Ltd.
" David Brown Greaves Ltd.
" Duropolyprene Pvt. Ltd

" Gountermann Pieper Ltd.
" IFB Agro Industries Ltd.
" IFB Industries Ltd.
" Micro Accessories Ltd.
" Oscar Equipments Ltd.
" Reliable Roto Moulders Pvt. Ltd.
" Rock Pet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
" Srei International Ltd.
" Tega India Ltd
" Tayo Matsya Super Feed Pvt. Ltd.
" VXL Ltd.

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