(1917 - 1982)

Senson media is dedicated to my beloved grand father late Durga Pada Sen
...Debabrata Sen


(1947 - 2013)

Senson media is dedicated to my beloved father late Amitava Sen
...Debabrata Sen

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Founded in April 1999, SENSON MEDIA has been a front runner in Internet and Web Technologies allowing Kolkata & West Bengal Business Concerns to utilize the Internet to its maximum. We present a tremendous opportunity to businessmen & professional people to come out of their local conservative market systems and cash in on the business & professional potential on the NET. We are one of Kolkata's premier organizations in the field of Trade Promotion, through both the print and Internet Media with a Vision to cover clients' interests throughout the Globe.

Acting on their behalf we managed to develop fresh markets, for them and in this regard we can confidently claim to be one of the BEST Website Designing Companies and we can claim ourselves as a house of total web solution.

Our Site is intended to give you a quick overview of what Kolkata & West Bengal is all about. is the only Kolkata based Portal, i.e. a complete 'Know all' site about Kolkata & West Bengal . It provides a unique mode of propagating your ideas, services and product, thereby creating a general awareness and positive image through the Internet.

We have special areas for users, for the press, for students, for visitors and for people interested in our information based services and more.

We believe that the ability of the web to form truly global communities around businesses, ideas, interests, brands, and hobbies will be one of the signature developments of the early 21st century, and we're proud to play a leadership role in its evolution.

We enable you to be a part of this race. It is an exclusive portal on Kolkata & West Bengal. It is a complete package of knowledge and information. Beside being a guidance centre for any day to day requirement, that one needs in normal