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Magiccrop Business Private Limited

# + 91 9800218170

Magiccrop Business Private Limited is a leading fish feed Manufacturers & Suppliers of India. It is located at Contai, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal. We provide fish feed at low price and high quality to all over India.

Magic  aqua feed is a  premium quality fish feed. It is suitable for Indian major carp like rui fish, katla fish, mrigel fish, telapia, and catfish like magur, singhi, pangus, koi, tengra. It contains higher protein for first growth. It contains various type of minerals, growth booster, enzyme and amino acids. It is easily digestible. It has a magical features that minimizes feed costing and save farmers.
Magic Aqua Feed
Fish Meal, Soyabin Dust, Rice Palis, Corn Dust, Mustered cake, Minerals, Amino Acid.
Each kg contains:

Protein             >>    32%
Calcium            >>    18%
Phosphorus       >>      8%
Cobalt              >>    50 mg
Copper             >>  500 mg                                     
Iodine               >>   100 mg                                                   
Iron                   >> 5000 mg                                              
Manganese        >>  2000 mg                                          
Potassium          >>      50 mg
Selenium             >>     10 mg
Sodium               >>       2 mg
Sulphur                >> 0.001 mg
Zinc                      >>  0.001 mg
DL – Methionine    >>    800 mg
Lysine                    >>    2000 mg
Amino Acids            >>   1%

Contact : + 91 9800218170

Email: info@mcbpl.com
815, 17 no ward, Kishornagar, contai 721401, West Bengal.


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