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Nadia is situated between 22º53? and 24º11? North latitude and 88º09? and 88º48? East longitude and about 390027 Sq Kms. in Area, this Ditrict is linear in shape with orientation of North-South. The District is Approximately 46 ft. above the mean sea level. The Tropic of cancer divides the district in two parts.
The geographical boundary of Nadia district comprises Bangladesh in the East,Bardhaman and Hoogly district on the West,Murshidabad district on the North and North West and North 24 Parganas towards South and South East. Situated on the main rail route connecting Howrah/Kolkata and New Jalpaiguri(NJP) including parts of North Eastern states, the Nadia district can easily be accessed by rail. The major railway stations are Nabadwip Dham,Ranaghat and others with regular trains to Kolkata/Howrah/NJP/Guwahati. The proposed International Rail Link connecting India and Bangladesh will pass through Nadia District with Gende as the last railway station at Indian Border. Bifurcated by National Highway-34 on the North and East, the district can also be accessed by road from other parts of the country.
The nearest airport is Kolkata which lies between 100kms to 160 kms from different parts of the district. The regional node and the district head Quarter Krishnagar is approximately 110 kms from Kolkata and easily accessible with regular bus service from Kolkata and North Bengal quite convenient for visitors. The district has good connectivity via waterways through rivers Bhagirathi(Ramnagar-Kalyani),Jalangi(Swarupganj-Gopalpur),Bhairav(Jamsherpur-Betai).Churni(Majdia-Paira Danga),Mathabhanga(Majdia- Govindapur),Ichamati(Karamberia-Purbo Nagar)

Tourist spots:
*Nabadwip *Mayapur *Shantipur *Palashi *Ballal *Dhipi *Shivaniwas *Krishnanagar *Bethuadahari
*Bahadurpur Forest *Hasadanga Beel *Mangaldwip Char


Sadar Sub-Division Police:
O/C Chapra PS Office 270223 Resi 270223 O/C Krishnaganj PS Office 276217 Resi 276217
I/C Kotwali PS
Office 252835 Resi 252914 Fax 252878 O/C Dhublia PS Office 261211 Resi 261211
O/C Nakashipara PS
Office 255351 Resi 255351 O/C Kaliganj PS Office 260338 Resi 262338
I/C Nabadwip PS
Office 240404 Resi 240404 CI Nakashipara Office 255459 Resi 255459
CI Krishnaganj
Office 276217 Resi 276217 Dy. S.P. (HQ) Office 252887 Resi 252882
Dy. S.P.(D&T)
Office 252887 Resi 252874 Dy. S.P.(DEB) Office 252488
Dy. S.P.(DIB)
Office 252081 Resi 252883 FAX 252081 Addl. S.P. Office 252230 Resi 252361 FAX 252230
Office 252229 Resi 252303/252232 FAX 253121 R.I. Nadia Office 252845 Resi 252805 FAX 252845
R.O.Office 252844 Control room 253154 252878

Tehatta Sub-Division
O/C Karimpur PS 255137 Fax 255137 O/C Thanapara PS 261249 Fax 261249
O/C Murutia PS
275244 Fax 275244 O/C Tehatta PS 250221 Fax 250221
CI Karimpur
255136 Fax 255136 SDPO, Tehatta 250202 Fax 250202

Ranaghat Sub-Division
O/c Hanskhali Ps 272212 Fax 272212 O/C Santipur PS 278030 Fax 278030
O/C Dhantala PS
266022 Fax 266022 I/C Ranaghat PS 255022 Fax 255022
CI Santipur 278062 Fax 278062
SDPO, Ranaghat 255024 Fax 255024

Kalyani Sub-Division
O/C Kalyani PS
2582-8100 Fax 2582-8100 O/C Chakdah PS 242022 Fax 242022
O/C Haringhata PS
233331 Fax 233331 CI Kalyani 2582-8391 Fax 2582-8391
SDPO, Kalyani
2582-8303 Fax 2583-8303 DIG (MR), Kalyani 2582-7679/2580-8457 (R) Fax 2582-7679


Sadar sub-division
D.M. Nadia chamber
252970 D.M. Bunglow chamber 252557 D.M. Residance 253030
ADM (G) office 252293
ADM (G) Residence 252309 ADM (LR) office 252421 ADM (LR) Residence 252484
SDO, Sadar
office 253080 SDO, Sadar Residance 252626 Dist. Panchayet Office 252842
Dist Judge
(chamber) 252101 Dist Judge (Residence) 252473 ADM & DLRO (Office) 252259
(Residence) 253655 Supdt. of Post Office (O) 252849 Asstt. Collector of Custom 252424/253530
Supdt. of Central Excise (O) 252345 CMOII, Nadia (O) 252306 CMO, Nadia ( R) 252346
DMO, Sadar Hospital
(O) 252850 DMO, Sadar ( R) 25220 Sadar Hosp. & ambulance 252850/253618
Div. Engineer, SEB
253550 Sabhadhipati, NZP 252499 Chairman, KGR. Municipality 254111
Exe. Engineer PWD
(O) 252682 KGR. GRP, Railway Station 252813 S.M.KGR. Rly. Station 252872/131
Supdt. Dist. Jail
(O) 252347 Supdt. Dist. Jail (R) 252401 Fire Service Station 252250

Tehatta Sub-Division
SDO, Tehatta
250292 BDO, Tehatta - I 250224 BDO, Karimpur - I 250021 BDO, Karimpur - II 255135

Ranaghat sub-division
SDO, Civil chamber 255095 SDO, Civil
(Residence) 255020 SDO, Residence 255189
SDJM, Ranghat Court
255118 Supdt. of Sub-Jail, RGT. 255204
BDO. Ranaghat - I
255461 BDO. Ranaghat - II 255989
Fire Service Station
255150 GRP, Rgt. Rly Station 255023

Kalyani sub-division
SDO, Kalyani
(Office) 2582-8523 SDO, Kalyani (Residence) 2582-8203
JNM, Hospital
2582-8386 Gandhi Hospital 2582-8443 ESI Hospital 2582-8241
NSS Hospital
2582-8274 Kalyani Fire Service Station 2582-8101


Bus Services:
Buses with Route Numbers
1 Krishnanagar - Shikarpur via Karimpur, Tehatta, Chapra
2A Krishnanagar - Patikabari Ghat via Chapra, Tehatta, Palashipara
4 Krishnanagar - Hridaypur via Chapra, Dayer Bazar
5 Krishnanagar - Ranabandh Ghat - Gongra via Chapra, Dayer Bazar
8 Krishnanagar - Nabadwip Ghat via Fukirtala Road Station
9 Krishnanagar - Ranaghat via Hanskhali, Bagula, Duttafulia, Aranghata
13 Ranaghat - Baganchra via Santipur
17 Krishnanagar - Ranaghat via Santipur
17B Krishnanagar - Ranaghat via Badkulla
18 Krishnanagar - Kalna Ghat via Santipur
19 Ranaghat - Habra(in North 24 Parganas) via Jaguli, Awalsiddhi
19B Ranaghat - Gaighata(in North 24 Parganas) via Chakdaha,Jaguli, Nagarukhra
20 Chakdaha - Bongaon(in North 24 Parganas) via Nimtala
22 Nimtala - Kalyani Central Park via Nagarukhra, Haringhata, Jaguli, Kanchrapara
25 Krishnanagar - Patuli Ghat / Agradip via Bethuadahari
27 Kalyani Simanta - Kanchrapara Station via Birohi, Jaguli
28 Chakdaha - Bongaon(in North 24 Parganas) via Nimtala
29 Krishnanagar - Matiari via Bethuadahari, Debagram
30A Krishnanagar - Bablari via Gouranga Setu
33 Ranaghat - Kalna Ghat via Santipur
37 Krishnanagar - Tehatta Ghat via Bethuadahari, [Debagram]]
39 Krishnanagar - Palashi Monument via Debagram, Bethuadahari, Dhubulia
41 Krishnanagar - Nonaganj via Hanskhali, Bagula, Ramnagar
Buses without Route Numbers
Krishnanagar - Hulorghat via Dhubulia
Krishnanagar - Katwa Ghat via Dhubulia, Bethuadahari, Debagram
Krishnanagar - Bethuadahari via Dhubulia, Rukunpur, Kandowa, Dharmada
Ranaghat - Bajitpur Ghat via Aishmali
Krishnanagar - Ichapur Ghat via Dayerbazar, Madhabpur
Krishnanagar - Birpur Ghat via Dhubulia, Bethuadahari
Krishnanagar - Shimulia via Chapra, Ranabandh Ghat
Krishnanagar - Kanainagar Ghat via Chapra, Tehatta, Haripur
Ranaghat - Balagar Ghat
Ranaghat - Nabadwip Ghat via Santipur, Baganchra, Bhaluka
Ranaghat - Katwa Ghat via Krishnanagar, Bethuadahari
Krishnanagar - Kaliganj via Bethuadahari, Debagram
Hularghat - Burdwan via Krishnanagar
Ranaghat - Duttafulia via Aranghata
Ranaghat - Katwa via Krishnanagar, [[Nabadwip]




Shri Tapas Paul   All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Krishnanagar (West Bengal) 
Permanent Address: Shapphire Court, 74 Golf Club Road,  Kolkata - 700033, West Bengal  
Telephone No. (033) 24223232, 9831044532 (M)  
Delhi Address: 211, Samrat Hotel,New Delhi 
Delhi Telephone No. 9013180060 (M)




Tapas Mondal  All India Trinamool Congress 
Constituency: Ranaghat (SC) (West Bengal)
Permanent Address
Telephone No.
Delhi Address: 
Delhi Telephone No. 



69-KarimpurShri.Samarendranath Ghosh (CPI(M) Vill. & P.O.Kechuadanga, P.S.Murutia, District:Nadia
70-PalashiparaShri.S M Sadi (CPI(M) Dharmatala Lane,Malopara,P.O.Krishnagar,Dist.Nadia
Shri.Kollol Khan (AITC) Vill. & P.O. Murgachha, P.S. Nakashipara Dist.Nadia
Shri.Nasheruddin Ahamed Adv (AITC)Vill. Mira Bazar P.O. Plassey,P.S.Kaliganj Dist.Nadia
Shri.Rukbanur Rahaman (AITC)7B, Tiljala Lane Kolkata
74-Krishnaganj (SC)
KRISHNAGANJ   Shri.SushiI Biswas. (AITC) Vill. Dafarpota, P.O. Bhimpur, P.S. Kotowali,Dist.Nadia
KRISHNANAGAR UTTAR  Shri.Aboni Joardar(AITC)HB-318, Sector-III Salt Lake, Kolkata
KRISHNANAGAR DAKSHIN  Shri.Ujjal Biswas. (AITC) Mahitosh Biswas Street, Kathuriapara P.O. Krishnanagar, P.S. Kotwali Dist.Nadia
Shri.Pundarikakshya Saha (AITC)Manipur Road, Baralghat, P.O.Nabadwip, P.S. Nabadwip Dist.Nadia
78-Santipur Shri Ajoy Dey
I.N.C. 21, Subal Poddar Lane, P.O. Santipur, Nadia
Shri.Samir Kumar Poddar (AITC)
Vill. & P.O. Duttapulia, P.S. Dhantala Dist.Nadia
Shri.Abir Ranjan Biswas (Congress)
Vill. & P.O. Chapri, P.S. Hanskhali, Dist.Nadia
Shri.Naresh Chandra Chaki (AITC)Vill. & P.O. RaneghatDist.Nadia
Shri.Nilima Nag (Mallick) (AITC) 11 School Lane, P.O. Ranaghat, P.S. Ranaghat, Dist.Nadia
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